“Approved by the ABNLP (American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Delivered by Ewan Mochrie – Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis“

Course Overview

If you are serious about becoming one of the best NLP Trainers and presenters in the world then you should definitely attend this exclusive NLP Trainers training with one of the world’s best NLP Master Trainers for accredited under the ABNLP, Ewan Mochrie. We want our students to be the best in the field of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy© and Coaching so in our opinion this training is by far the very best model of NLP Trainers Training in the world. By the end of this training you will have the skills, confidence, ability and materials to launch yourself as a credible NLP Trainer and ‘outstanding’ presenter.  As a result you can then join the ABNLP as a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which hosts a large community of professional NLP Trainers worldwide, all of which are committed to delivering the highest standards of training today.

NLP Trainers Training - 2021 UK Venue

NLP Trainers Training - Barcelona 2015

Join Inspire 360 in 2021 (UK Venue)

NLP Trainers Training & Evaluation – 5th to 22nd September 2021
(2021 Prices include accommodation)

Hypnosis Trainers Training – 24th to 27th September 2021
(2021 Prices include accommodation)

Why Should I Attend The NLP Trainers Training With Inspire 360?

Ewan Mochrie has been delivering NLP Trainings internationally for many years.  During this time he has assisted and supported some of NLPs greatest developers and has close ties with Drs Tad & Adriana James, as well as other ABNLP Master Trainers in Hong Kong, Canada and the US.  Ewan is also a Trainer in Time Line Therapy techniques, a leading figure in the world of NLP Coaching development and training and a transformational presenter. Ewan is an acknowledged leader in the field of accelerated human change and development.

By attending Inspire 360’s NLP Trainers Training you will also be given the opportunity to join his Master Trainer programme.  This takes approximately 5 years to complete, and by the end of this programme you will be given the opportunity to run your own NLP Trainers Training through the ABNLP.  This again is something other Trainers Training programmes are unable to provide.

Alongside Ewan you will also be supported by other NLP Trainers, Coaches and Assistants making your ultimate journey of personal development on you will never forget.

Why Choose Inspire 360 to Deliver Your NLP Trainers Training?

Ewan is one of only a handful of NLP Master Trainers for the ABNLP on the planet, and what sets us apart from other NLP schools is that Ewan delivers the whole training from the first day to the very last, so you are guaranteed a consistent, first class delivery of training from an experienced NLP Master Trainer.  You are supported by NLP assistants from around the world that help, support and guide you throughout your NLP programme, ensuring our students get the best possible results from their NLP Trainers Training.

What Are The Pre-requisites To Enrol For This Training?

To attend the NLP Trainers Training, Evaluation and Certification with Ewan you must be certified by a credible NLP school to Master Practitioner level.
NLP Practitioner OR NLP Business Practitioner. If you have not yet taken a certified training in NLP you can view the available courses on our website:

  • NLP Master Practitioner & Master Coach

We have great training packages so that you can enrol on more than one training; so book our GOLD or PLATINUM special offer packages and receive several hundred pounds of discount.

What Is The Structure & Content Of The NLP Trainers Training with Inspire 360?

Qualifying as an NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Master Coach with Inspire 360, you now hold one of the highest level certificates in NLP today.  Now add your own energy, determination and focus to the mix and you will have what it takes to become one of the UK’s best NLP Trainers & Presenters.
Below is an overview of the course criteria which you can expect to cover along with so much more:The NLP Trainer’s Training itself is 14 days in duration, which is then followed by a 4-day evaluation and certification process.  During the first 14 days you will be professionally presenting and learning from the very best, gaining valuable feedback along the way.  You will be using the NLP techniques from your NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner trainings to script and present in front of an audience and practice with other aspiring NLP students. The training uses lots of hypnotic and accelerated learning methods too, and before you know it, you will be presenting your new skills without having to think about it.

    • Building rapport with audiences of any size
    • Rapidly gaining the respect, focus, control and agreement of a group
    • Working with energy as a trainer
    • How to enter and maintain the ideal state for successful training
    • Managing group dynamics
    • Banishing your own stage fright and that of others
    • Letting go of any limiting belief you may have about becoming a successful NLP Trainer
    • Learning to use hypnotic suggestion in your trainings to accelerate learning and install new skills
    • Be able to design your own training programmes
    • Be able to deliver demonstrations that inspire and motivate your audiences
    • The best use of the 4-MAT system to perfectly structure your presentations easily
    • To be a great presenter, offering motivational and keynote speeches – know the techniques behind this
    • Dealing with difficult individuals in your audience
    • To take a group of delegates and give them the skills, knowledge and tuition so that they can evolve as the finest NLP Practitioners & Master Practitioner graduating from your school
    • Learn how to sell your training to create a profitable business
    • Plus much, much more (a more specific breakdown is available on request – call for a brochure)

What happens during the 4-day Evaluation and Certification?

So let’s break this down –

    • Firstly you will be expected to complete a closed book written test which is based around the content of your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training. You have a full day to complete this so no time pressures are upon you.
    • On days 2 and 3 you will be presenting. You will be asked to complete two different 30-minute presentations typically taken from the content of the traditional NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner syllabus.  At the end of each presentation you will be provided with feedback by the training team. The content of the presentations are down to you and you get lots of time to practice during the first 14 days of the NLP Trainers Training.
    • The final day is Demo Day. You will be expected to present a live demonstration of an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner pattern. You’ll get to choose your own demonstration subjects and the NLP pattern will be chosen by Ewan for you to perform.  Once again you will have the first 14 days to learn how to make every demonstration work perfectly every time.
    • And lastly, you will get to celebrate your well-earned success with the rest of your group.

Can I also complete the Hypnosis Trainers Training with Inspire 360?

You are now a certified NLP Trainer (Congratulations) so you can simply add the Hypnosis Trainers Training to your stay.  It only takes 4 days to complete and means you can offer your own students the chance to certify as Hypnotherapy Practitioners & Master Practitioners giving you additional credibility from the outset.

If you are already an NLP Trainer you can come out and join us in Barcelona for this 4 day programme.

Certification & Fees

This training is approved by the ABNLP, meeting and exceeding all standards for the NLP Trainer Certification. Once you have demonstrated the required level of competency, you will be presented with a special course certification plaque. Certification as an NLP Trainer is only provided through the Trainer’s Evaluation & Certification program which is offered immediately following the NLP Trainer’s Training.

The Trainer’s Evaluation & Certification is a screened event with limited enrolment, and involves extensive evaluation through a written test and observation of behavioural performance. This is the end result of the successful completion to being a Certified NLP Trainer!  The fees for the evaluation are included in the course costs.

Graduates from other credible NLP schools are invited to attend (proof of certification will be required).

Hypnosis Trainers Training can be added for a great discounted rate (when booked together with NLP TT) – £1,500.00 (VAT for company bookings will be applied)

Hypnosis Trainers Training (without NLP TT) – £1,800.00 (VAT for company bookings will be applied)

To book your place on one or both of our Trainer Training programmes use the online option or contact our offices on 0808 12 30 360 and we will arrange for one of the Inspire 360 team members confirm your seat on the training.  If you are booking as part of your Platinum Package then you will be saving yourself £995.00 off the total price – an amazing saving!! These prices exclude all travel and accommodation arrangements.

NLP Trainers Training Review: Anne Burton

NLP Trainers Training Review: Phil Quirk

NLP Trainers Training Review: Natalie Debrabandere

NLP Trainers Training Review: Daniela Ilieva PhD

NLP Trainers Training
Ewan Mochrie Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnotherapy for the ABNLP
NLP Trainers Training
Phil Quirk receiving his NLP Trainers Training accreditation Sept 2015
NLP Trainers Training
Daniela is now an accredited NLP Trainer 2015
NLP Trainers Training
Andy receives the NLP Trainers Training Certification 2015
NLP Trainers Training
Natalie passes the NLP Trainers Training with flying colours
NLP Trainers Training
Congratulations Jessel our youngest NLP Trainer certified in 2015
NLP Trainers Training
Stephen passes his NLP Trainers Training Presentations
NLP Trainers Training
Anne Burton gets top marks on this years NLP Trainers Training Test
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