The NLP Master Practitioner training delivers leading personal change, above and beyond delegate expectations. This comprehensive NLP course promises to broaden and deepen your NLP experiences whilst excelling your present results.

The Inspire 360 NLP Master Practitioner training delivers on more than one level. It is important to our trainers that we provide our delegates with a set of tools that will transform their results and make them stand out from the rest, offering superb value to our learners.


This course not only certifies learners as NLP Master Practitioners but also incorporates NLP Master Coach, Master Hypnotherapy and Master Time Line Therapy™ accreditation. Our newly designed NLP Master Practitioner programme is by far one of the worlds most developed and integrated NLP courses available in the UK today. The course comes alive when you begin to work through the high level exercises; watch incredible demonstrations; take part in discussions; experience some great modelling applications all delivered by one of the world’s most sort after ABNLP Master Trainers – Ewan Mochrie.

The Inspire 360 NLP Master Practitioner training also introduces learners to the World according to Dr. Clare Graves and the business modelling of Ichak Adizes. Graves produced a grounding breaking understanding of the cyclical development of people. Once you begin to understand his teaching you will appreciate just what is going on within yourself, your clients and even in the broader World today.

This NLP Master Practitioner training offers both creative and innovative applications, which directly communicate with both the conscious and unconscious mind, so you can expect to learn and experience:

The course is specifically designed to provide a structured and inclusive learning platform so that delegates have the time to digest and integrate the NLP techniques.


  • 8 Hours of pre-course study available via our E-Learning Platform which includes audio, video, pdfs and books (narrated by NLP Master Trainer Ewan Mochrie)
  • Open-book questionnaire
  • Book written by Dr Tad James – Hypnosis (A Comprehensive Guide)
  • 3 comprehensive colour manuals


  • 10 days live classroom delivery (consecutive days)
  • Delivery, demonstrations, assessment & certification throughout
  • 1-1 Breakthrough sessions
  • Modelling a Board Break
  • Post course – Record 20 hours of Coaching on completion of the training

The NLP Master programme includes a whole host of training techniques, which communicate with both the conscious and unconscious mind, so you can expect to experience:

  • First class demos from a world leading NLP trainer
  • Deliver Individual Breakthrough Sessions
  • 1-1 Coaching
  • Observe many modelling exercises
  • Discussions
  • The Coaching Values Inventory©



What Certification Will I Receive on Completion of the NLP Training Course?

On completion of the course you will be awarded with 4 certificates which represent your record of commitment; a professional accreditation, outlining the time and effort you have invested in your personal development. The certification in this programme is an internationally recognised NLP qualification, matching and surpassing international standards in the following areas:

  • NLP Master Practitioner (Accredited by the ABNLP)
  • Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy (Accredited by ABH)
  • Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy™ (Accredited by TLTA)
  • NLP Master Coach Certification (Accredited by the ABNLP)

Note: The NLP Master Coach Certification is awarded on completion of the additional post course coaching hours and which should be submitted within 12 months completing the classroom training.

Why Choose a Face-To-Face NLP Course?

One of the principal models within NLP is communication, so should you really be considering an NLP course delivered online?

Inspire 360 was founded in 2005, and it has always been our ethos to put the customer journey first. We take great pride in what we offer. Those of you who have trained with Ewan, will know just how incredible his knowledge of NLP and personal development extends. When COVID hit the UK in 2020, we decided to postpone all certified NLP courses until the lockdown ended. We did this to avoid diluting the learning experience for our customers.

Our NLP pre-course study is already offered to delegates online (50-70hrs), and is really only a tool to get you prepared for the real learning and practical assessment in the classroom. To fully understand and appreciate why ‘face-to-face’ is the best option for NLP you can read our article ‘Why should you choose a face-to-face NLP Course’

What will I Learn on the NLP Master Practitioner Training?

The Inspire 360 NLP Master Practitioner training combines the technologies and principles of Neuro-linguistic Programming for both personal and professional change, providing the very latest applications and developments of NLP.


Reviewing the key topics from the NLP Practitioner Training
Let’s get you back on track and ready to take the steps to becoming an NLP Master Practitioner.

Becoming an NLP Master Practitioner
As the days unfold you will start to identify with the advanced methods and approaches by being part of a truly rewarding learning experience.

Quantum linguistics – Using skilful language for maximum impact
Learning to use the most advanced language patterns in NLP. Having the natural ability to use language patterns to make internal change when we communicate with others. Re-visiting the Milton Model so that you begin to use the patterns unconsciously.

Cutting-edge Reframing
Overcome objections and immoveable thinking with some great ‘Sleight of Mouth’ patterns. Up to 16 patterns to Master which will transform a person’s thinking.

Parts Integration
End internal conflicts that have limited you from reaching your full potential. Learn to integrate a conflict simply by finding the common intention behind the lower level behaviours of each part.

Advanced Sub-modalities
Improve your knowledge of Sub-modalities and learn new ways of using them linguistically. Have the ability to utilise neurological drivers to create permanent change.

Advanced Strategies
The opportunity to develop your knowledge and use of strategies in business, relationships and therapy. Including how to destroy ineffective strategies and new strategy installation. Develop you knowledge using the Logical Levels of Therapy process for conversational strategy change.

This whole section will blow your mind. Understanding how Values are formed, learn how to elicit, organise and change values. Values will play a huge part when aligning your unconscious and conscious mind towards your goal setting as part of our NLP Master Coach section. Learn to use the Coaching Values Inventory format designed by the Tad James Company.

An Introduction to Clare Graves Model
The ‘Emergent Cyclic Levels of Existence Theory’, which was further developed by Dom Beck and Chris Cowan who created the book Spiral Dynamics©: Mastering Values, Leadership & Change. Although this doesn’t sit under the typical NLP framework, we do believe that Clare Graves work is worth sharing when considering other bodies of psychological work on human behaviours.

Introduction to modelling
Utilise the modelling process and learn how successful people recreate wealth, happiness and success. Having the confidence to model excellence in others and then install the model for yourself. Imagine creating you own training programme or workshop to install models of excellence in others.

Modelling Exercises
You will be introduced to the power of modelling and have the opportunity to do a board break (an experience that has changed many lives). You will also watch and demonstrate a number of modelling exercises and appreciate just how effective modelling can be – a real core principle of NLP.

The Master Hypnotherapy Certification includes:
Learn to use the exquisite language patterns to support influence and persuasion and how to utilise these in therapy work, business and everyday communication. The Hypnotherapy taught at Master level will create deep and lasting personal change. During this module you will:

  • Re-visit the NLP Practitioner materials
  • Learn the techniques of three incredible Hypnotic masters; Erickson, Elman and Estabrook
  • Cover the processes of pre-talk, inductions, contraindications and deepening techniques
  • Understand the differences between direct-authoritarian, client-centred and indirect-permissive
  • When to use the pendulum to support change.
  • Review the general healing paradigm
  • Understand the importance of embedded metaphors for deep change

The Master Time Line Therapy™ Certification includes:
During this session you will be introduced to the ‘Drop Down Through’ technique and have an understanding how Time Line can be used to capture future goals and ambitions for your NLP Master Coaching application. During this section you will:

  • Review your Practitioner materials
  • Know how to elicit a person’s Time Line
  • Be able to find the root cause of a problem, delete limiting decisions and release negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt etc.
  • Learn the Drop-Down Through Technique & regression techniques
  • Be able to remove a Phobia quickly and easily using the ‘Phobia Model’
  • Know how to use Time Line Therapy to assist clients with weigh issues, body dysmorphia, anxiety, abuse and depression
  • Learn the Creating Your Future Process® used within the NLP Master Coach section

Personal Breakthrough Session
It’s time to pull all your learning and hard work together. You will work as the therapist/coach and also experience what it is like to be the client.

Learn how to take a detailed personal history
Use your language skills to loosen the personas model
Use your skills and intervention knowledge to make deep lasting change
Use metaphors to connect with their problems and guide them to positive outcomes
Using your Master Coach skills, set new goals, milestones and tasks to focus their future
Choose the right coaching models for your client to get the greatest results

Course Registration & Eligibility

To enrol onto the NLP Master Practitioner training, please call today free on 0808 1230360 or book online using the link below. We only take 18 delegates at a time for this event, we won’t compromise the customers learning experience by overloading the numbers.

To ensure you have all the skills and knowledge you need to benefit from our NLP Master Practitioner training you should hold the required level of certification:-

  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Coach (Practitioner Level) – only required if you want to achieve the NLP Master Coach certification. (If you already having a good level of Coaching experience you may not be required to attend this 2 day course. Please see our Silver Package for great discounts)
What Will My Course Fees Include?

The Inspire 360 NLP Master Practitioner & Master Coach Certification is approved by the ABNLP, the TLT™A and the ABH and includes the following:

  • All pre-course study materials
  • 10 days of training delivery from world class NLP Master trainer Ewan Mochrie
  • Certification in 4 speciality subjects
  • Refreshments throughout

All NLP Masters Courses are delivered by our Lead Trainer Ewan Mochrie (Principal trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Master Coaching). He may have additional assistants there to support you who are working towards their NLP Trainers Training programme.

Do I Get Any Discount For Booking More Than 1 Course With You?

Absolutely, at Inspire 360 we believe in offering our customers increased value so if you have not yet booked your NLP Practitioner training see our fantastic GOLD package offering up to £450 discount. Check out our Special Offers page for more details

I Didn’t Take My NLP Practitioner Training With Inspire 360, Can I Still Enrol?

Of course, we recognise all of the principle NLP qualifications. On booking we may ask you a few questions relating to your NLP Practitioner certification to ensure that you have been trained to an acceptable standard. We get lots of people enrolling on our NLP Master Practitioner training who have trained with other schools, that’s why we have put together the SILVER PACKAGE so that you have the opportunity to do your NLP Coach certification too at a discounted rate. See our Special Offers page for more information.

I Live Overseas – Do I Receive My Pre-Course Study Before I Travel?

Yes, of course.  You now have access to our NLP E-Learning Platform so you can begin your study as fast as anyone in the UK – it only takes a few minutes to get you online.

How Can I Book My Place?

You can book online or by telephone. We require a deposit at time of booking by cheque, bank transfer, credit card or debit card. If your company is funding your place we just require invoicing details. Once payment has been received, your pre-course study materials will be sent out to you so you can begin learning straight away.





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