Our principal focus at Inspire 360 is to provide our delegates with the very best in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Training in the world.  The NLP Practitioner course is our most popular event will beginners because it takes our delegates on a journey of learning, change, self-discovery and personal development.  The skills we teach at Practitioner level can be applied in business, sports, education, coaching, therapy, or just for your own personal growth.


Once you have booked your place, we provide you with access to our comprehensive e-learning platform so you can begin your NLP online pre-course, designed to support your learning of NLP and future on-going development.  The NLP Practitioner Training delivers an interactive and informal structure, so when you attend a 7-day training your NLP skills will come alive.  You will receive thorough instruction from one of the UK’s most experienced NLP Master trainer’s, including the demonstration of many NLP skills and techniques, there is lots of opportunity to ask questions and have open discussions so that you completely understand the materials, and have plenty of hands on practical assessment and support throughout.


Pre-course study (Via our Online NLP E-Learning Platform – includes audio, video, pdfs and books)


Attend a 7-Day Face-to-Face NLP Training 


Assessment & Certification (completed during the 7-day classroom training)

NLP techniques are increasingly coming to the forefront of people’s requirements because they are so practical and adaptable in everyday life.  They regularly feature in many Leadership, Coaching and Communications programmes across the world.  So, on this NLP Practitioner Training, expect to experience:

–        First Class Demonstrations

–        Individual Coaching & Support

–        Question & Answer Sessions

–        Practical Group Assessments

–        Skill Building Exercises




What Certification Will I Receive on Completion of the NLP Practitioner Training?

We pride ourselves on being one of the most successful ABNLP training providers in the UK, and that’s because we offer a training that mirrors the success and foundations created by the original founders.  Our NLP Practitioner course offers 3 certificates on completion, providing you with a more rounded approach and set of skills for life.

The certification for this programme is internationally recognised, matching and surpassing the standards required by 3 world-renowned accreditation bodies.

  • NLP Practitioner Certificate (Accredited by the ABNLP)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Accredited by the ABH)
  • Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner (Accredited by the TLTA™)

As a UK provider we aim to offer the very best in materials, delivery & trainer experience, which is why all our courses are either approved, endorsed or recognised by leading vocational organisations such as the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management), AC (Association for Coaching) and BIH (British Institute of Hypnotherapy), ANLP (Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Why Choose a Face-To-Face NLP Course?

One of the principal models within NLP is communication, so should you really be considering an NLP course delivered online?

Inspire 360 was founded in 2005, and it has always been our ethos to put the customer journey first. We take great pride in what we offer. Those of you who have trained with Ewan, will know just how incredible his knowledge of NLP and personal development extends. When COVID hit the UK in 2020, we decided to postpone all certified NLP courses until the lockdown ended. We did this to avoid diluting the learning experience for our customers.

Our NLP pre-course study is already offered to delegates online (50-70hrs), and is really only a tool to get you prepared for the real learning and practical assessment in the classroom. To fully understand and appreciate why ‘face-to-face’ is the best option for NLP you can read our article ‘Why should you choose a face-to-face NLP Course’

What Syllabus Will I Cover As Part Of My NLP Practitioner Certification?

This is an extensive NLP Practitioner Programme, and over the entire duration of the training you will cover approximately 120 hours of practical, results-driven technology that will open up your thinking, help you to fully understand behaviour, and put you back in touch with both your conscious and unconscious thinking. You will experience a collection of skills, knowledge and expertise which offer you the opportunity to become fully aware of how people communicate, evolve, learn, change and develop.


  • The History, Study & Structure of NLP
  • The applications of NLP and how to use it
  • Using the Presuppositions of NLP
  • Fully understand Rapport at both conscious and unconscious levels
  • Learn the value of increased ‘Sensory Acuity’
  • Know how the mind works – the processes and the programming
  • Learn how to replicate ‘Models of Excellence’


  • Utilising body language for effective communication
  • How we filter our information to produce our behaviour
  • Observing what is REALLY going on in people’s minds
  • Create positive, long-lasting change in others
  • The conscious use of language – Milton & Meta model approaches
  • Empowered responsibility – Cause & Effect thinking
  • How we represent the world using our 5 senses
  • Know how to interpret eye movements that represent a person’s thought processes


  • Sub-modalities and how they can modify the way we think
  • Swish Patterns to create compelling futures
  • Remove old habits and unwanted feelings, and install new ways of thinking and behaving
  • Take control of your thinking with the power of Anchoring
  • Understand strategies to make better decisions, and align values, beliefs and behaviours
  • Eliminate phobias that effect your life
  • Know how to find the root cause of a problem
  • Resolve internal conflict using Parts Integration
  • Let go of negative emotions, limiting decisions and unwanted beliefs with Time Line Therapy™
  • Relax and make changes at the unconscious level with Hypnotherapy techniques


  • The power of Metaphors
  • The ability to anchor positive states
  • The importance of Language & Chunking
  • Skilfully questioning and listening
  • Expertly framing & re-framing to open up change
  • Learn the linguistic secrets of renowned hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson
  • Using trance to improve health and unleash the power of suggestion
  • NLP for Goals, Outcomes and Coaching
  • Effective NLP for Sales & Negotiation
  • The power of NLP in Therapy

By learning, understanding and developing your knowledge of NLP, you are opening up new opportunities and unused resources to create a better future for yourself and others.

Our NLP Practitioner Training is popular with many professionals in Healthcare, Education, Finance, Recruitment, Sales, Marketing, IT, Media, Therapy and Coaching to name a few, because it makes a difference to the individual’s growth and development, whilst also reaching the people they work with so that the whole organisation can benefit from the process.

Can I Really Complete The NLP Practitioners Course in Just 7 Days?

The answer is YES! Remember this is not just a 7-day training programme. You have pre-course study to complete beforehand which can take around 50 hours, an open book assessment which supports and embeds some of the learning, and other reading materials.

Inspire 360 have been running these courses for over 16 years and continue to use up to date formats to teach, deliver and support their delegates. We include the Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy™ certification because that is how the ABNLP’s successful programme has been run for the past 40+ years. We also want to ensure we provide value to our customers, so there are no hidden costs, no extra courses to complete the certification, and no hidden agenda!

We are so sure that our delegates leave our trainings with the skills and techniques they need that we offer all of them the opportunity to re-attend the same training again absolutely FREE, so if you feel the need to refresh your skills we can slot you in where we have availability.

We also limit our courses to a maximum of 18 people so that you get plenty of personal assistance and are able to learn in a totally supportive, fun and professional environment.

What Do My NLP Course Fees Cover?

There are no hidden costs – our course fees cover:



  • Access to our fantastic NLP E-Learning Platform (Videos/Audio/PDF’s/Books/Resources)
  • Inspire 360 NLP Masterclass DVD (Live demonstrations)
  • Books to support your studies
  • Inspire 360 colour manual & instruction
  • Open book assessment to embed deeper learning
  • Email & telephone support from the day you enrol


  • Run from well-established hotel conference suites
  • Refreshments provided throughout
  • Led by one of the UK’s most successful ABNLP Master trainers
  • Support and 1-to-1 advice throughout
  • Scripts & slides to enhance your learning and ongoing development


  • 3 signed certificates (ABNLP / ABH / TLTA™)
  • Support and advice by email & telephone
  • Bi-monthly newsletter & updates
  • Invites to special events for certified delegates
  • Access to new products and packages at reduced rates
I Want To Book On More Than 1 Course - Are There Any Discounts?

Absolutely, at Inspire 360 we believe in offering our customers increased value when booking additional places on our NLP Coach & NLP Master Practitioner Trainings. We have some amazing packages offering huge discounts – see our BRONZE & GOLD options on our Special Offers page. When booking online just pick up the discount code at the checkout relevant to the package you want to buy.

I Live Overseas – Can You Send Me The Pre-Course Study Before I Travel?
Yes, of course. To dispatch materials outside of the UK there will be a further charge for courier expenses of £105+VAT
I Want To Reserve My Place Today – How Can I Do This?

There are a number of ways you can confirm your place. You have the option of booking online using our CALENDAR just below, or you can call us by telephone free on 0808 12 30 360.

  • Privately funded booking will be required to pay a deposit at the time of booking, which can be done by debit card, credit card or bank transfer.
  • Company funded bookings can also be reserved online, by email ( or telephone.
  • Other funded/credit schemes can be addressed directly with our process team on 0845 80 30 360.

Once the booking is in our system, we will arrange for you to get access to our NLP E-Learning Platform, so you can begin your NLP Pre-Course Training straight away. Payment plans are available on package options, so please ask about these when you book.









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