In today’s digital world, online courses are effective and do have a place in training & personal development.

But is it always the best mode of learning for in-depth subjects?

NLP has been around for over 40+yrs and before the “COVID” pandemic 95% of NLP training providers delivered their courses face-to-face. The only companies offering NLP options online were those less credible training websites looking for a fast payday. Online NLP courses have been known for information dumps and knowledge tests. Knowledge alone will not make a difference to an individual, but instead the ability to apply that knowledge and effectively demonstrate techniques is what makes a great Practitioner. That’s why face-to face courses ensure that your outcomes, and real-time assessments, are aligned to what you want to be able to do to the highest level. If they’re not, it’s not worth your time.

Post lockdown, why have some NLP providers decided to continue offering online options? Do certified online NLP courses really provide the same depth of personal development for the customer? And who is really reaping the benefits, the consumer, or the NLP Provider?

Inspire 360 was founded in 2005, and it has always been our ethos to put the customer journey first. We take great pride in what we offer. Those of you who have trained with Ewan, will know just how incredible his knowledge of NLP and personal development extends. When COVID hit, we decided to postpone all certified NLP courses until lockdown ended. We did this to avoid diluting the learning experience for our customers.

We asked Ewan why he took the decision to continue to deliver ‘blended’ courses which provides the student with online pre-course study followed by a face-to-face classroom delivery at a date and location of your choice.

“You can do NLP training remotely – but the best NLP training is delivered live, face to face. No serious NLP provider was delivering NLP training remotely prior to Covid – despite online tools being around years before. NLP is a subject that provides deep rooted personal development, and if you are planning on using this to coach or support others then you will lose many of the unconscious and subtle observations a classroom context provides. A good NLP trainer is intuitive and can see when someone is or isn’t following the content and provide extra support when needed. This is lost online.

For example, a subject such as Parts integration is very difficult to teach and complete effectively by zoom and Hypnosis, though possible is much better when you are face to face and can observe another’s breathing, and state of facial muscle relaxation”


Our NLP Practitioner Course provides our students with a much easier way to learn and develop. It offers a combination of Pre-Course study (via NLPTV) followed by Face-to-Face classroom style training which delivering a real in-depth learning experience required for a subject such as NLP.

If you’re serious about learning NLP, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy™, this is an guaranteed way to install all of the tools and techniques.


Reading some of the testimonials from Inspire 360 delegates also highlights the benefits of bonding and group interaction which we all sadly missed during lockdown. The discovery of experiences, new ideas and shared life events was also important, enabling delegates to work together, encourage and support each other, making new friends and colleagues throughout their journey. NLP delivered well should provide for a highly interactive experience, where you feel free to ask questions at the appropriate times and study with well qualified teachers.

Looking at a screen for 7 days (on top of the 70hrs of pre-course study) does not offer the same depth of learning you can take from a face-to-face, not forgetting poor sound quality, wi-fi connection issues and the lack of 1-1 support. Our training is delivered in a friendly, interactive manner. The trainer can takes questions at any time, and this can be hampered in a one fits all audio channel such as Zoom or Teams. If you are serious about learning NLP to the very best of your ability, then take the time to attend a classroom event, the time and money you are investing in yourself matters.



Ewan did a fantastic job of captivating our attention for the full 7 days!! Despite it being an intensive course it was fun and very much hands on.

I will definitely be recommending this company to friends in the future and cannot wait to return to do my master practitioner certification next year!



Participated in NLP practitioner Course with Inspire 360 and it was exceptional, stories legendary and all of the support provided by Ewan and Joanne has been superb.

The delivery style brought NLP to life in a way that was educational, fun and extremely inspiring. Personal Development received during the week as well as gaining tools to operate as an NLP practitioner surpassed my expectations of the training course.



Ewan was an outstanding teacher and had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the NLP world. Joane was very helpful with all administration prior to starting the course.

Looking forward to the masters course next year.



I wanted to only do the NLP coach certification but did the Practitioner certification as well after speaking to Inspire 360 over the phone.

Now I’m so glad I did that! What a great eye-opener.

Ewan was great. Period.


  • You’ll be able to concentrate harder on your learning because there’ll be less distraction than if you were at home.
  • You can gain greater understanding, stories and real-world examples from teachers and other students
  • You have a greater chance of completing your course successfully by doing it in a classroom situation. (Completion rate of teacher-led classes is almost 5x higher than that of on-line learning)
  • You may feel more comfortable and learn more easily in a familiar, traditional classroom situation.
  • You can access more information and richer understanding through teacher and other students’ body language and voice.
  • You have the opportunity to connect with, problem-solve, and network with other students from a wide range of backgrounds.