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Welcome to our NLP Training in Reading.  We are the number one choice for NLP Courses in Reading and look forward to teaching you the skills and techniques of NLP soon.  Our NLP courses take place in a variety of location throughout the UK, so if you are unable to attend the NLP Practitioner Training in Reading you can visit our website calendar and book an alternative date and venue.  If you live in Reading and would like to take an NLP training then we are available on your doorstep.

Why Invest In NLP Training?

If you could guarantee that an NLP Training will enrich your life by at least 30% then why wouldn’t you invest.  From both the research and feedback we have collected throughout the years the main areas in which individual students gain from taking an NLP Training course was outlined as follows:

  1. Improved Relationships – the quality of 1-1 connections with others improved vastly.  Working relationships were enhanced, having a heightened understanding of others made the workplace a more enjoyable environment to be in.  At home relationships blossomed, because they noticed a change in their own behaviours which in turn had impact on family members and how they once behaved in response.  Being able to communicate and get the best out of people can bring you some incredible results!
  2. Self Management – adopting the attitude that there are always choices and by taking action rather than procrastinating meant that 35% of our NLP students achieved some of the long awaited goals within a few months, whilst those with bigger long term goals where well on their way to achieving them!  Think about how such personal effectiveness could impact your lives, and what you could be achieving in the next 6 months alone.
  3. Mindfulness – Having an awareness and positive attitude towards others can impact your life in so many ways.  How would it feel if you had great relationships with people who were important to you?
  4. Confidence – Over 70% of our NLP learners feel more confident as a whole when they leave the NLP Practitioner Training and are ready to make some significant changes.  Procrastinating really can waste years of your life, if you could change your life today – how different would that look?  As part of the NLP and Time Line Therapy training we can help you remove negative emotions and limiting decisions and beliefs to you can move forward more freely without the old baggage.
NLP Training Reading

How Do I Book Onto The NLP Practitioner Course in Reading

There are 2 simple ways too book your place on the NLP Training in Reading:

  1. Call free on 0808 12 30 360
  2. Book online from this page or go to our website calendar to choose you dates and click the ‘book now’button

Once we receive you booking we will send out your pre-course study pack by courier which includes audio learning, DVD’s, Books and a colour manual so you can begin your NLP training straight away in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

I WANT TO BOOK MORE THAN ONE NLP TRAINING COURSE – Make sure you take advantage of our NLP discounted packages and save hundreds of pounds!


You can read and hear more about our NLP courses from our customers by visiting the Testimonials page within our website, before watching this short video featuring Inspire 360 ABNLP Master Trainer, Ewan Mochrie:

NLP in Reading: Our Location

The Holiday Inn Reading South is a smart, modern hotel near central Reading, with a health club and top-of-the-line conference facilities.  Only 10 minutes’ drive to central Reading, and 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport by car

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Holiday Inn Reading South
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