NLP Practitioner Certification 

Price is £1350 + VAT per delegate

Course DatesCompletion DateLocationBook Now
8th October 201714th October 2017Reading
5th November 201711th November 2017London
2nd December 20178th December 2017Manchester
4th February 201810th February 2018Birmingham
18th February 201824th February 2018London
4th March 201810th March 2018Manchester
8th April 201814th April 2018Bristol
3rd June 20189th June 2018Leeds
16th June 201822nd June 2018London
7th July 201813th July 2018Manchester
5th August 201811th August 2018Birmingham
7th October 201813th October 2018Reading
24th November 201830th November 2018London
8th December 201814th December 2018Manchester

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Prices from £1,995 + VAT per delegate

Course DatesCompletion DateLocationBook Now
21st November 201730th November 2017London
12th January 201821st January 2018Manchester
7th May 201816th May 2018London
12th November 201821st November 2018London

NLP Coach – Practitioner Level

£450 + VAT – 2 Days

Course DatesCompletion DateLocationBook Now
12th November 201713th November 2017London
9th December 201710th December 2017Manchester
25th February 201826th February 2018London
23rd June 201824th June 2018London
14th July 201815th July 2018Manchester
1st December 20182nd December 2018London
15th December 201816th December 2018Manchester

NLP Business Practitioner & ILM Level 5 Coaching Certification

Offers from £1995 + VAT per delegate (Includes all 3 modules)

Course DatesCompletion DateLocationBook Now
14th February 2018
26th March 2018
17th April 2018
16th February 2018
28th March 2018
19th April 2018
London Module 1
London Module 2
London Module 3

NLP Trainers Training & Evaluation

 From £3,695 (VAT To Be Applied For Company Bookings)

Course DatesCompletion DateLocationBook Now
2nd September 201820th September 2018Barcelona, Spain

Hypnosis Trainers Training

 Prices from £1,500 +VAT

Course DatesCompletion DateLocationBook Now
24th September 201727th September 2017Barcelona, Spain
23rd September 201826th September 2018Barcelona, Spain

Free Online NLP Training

Free To Download

Course DatesCompletion DateLocationBook Now
Whenever suits you!Your choice!Anywhere with access to the internet!
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