Inspire 360 Ltd is located in the North West of England. We provide NLP training, coaching and personal development working nationally and internationally with clients to enable them to achieve excellent results.

Our aim is to help you “discover your true potential” and “inspire you” to make the necessary changes to achieve your desired outcomes. Putting you fully in charge of your life.

In order that we can deliver what we promise, our NLP Trainers and NLP Practitioners are qualified to use the latest NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy techniques to the highest standards.



Inspire 360 have become one of the UK’s most popular choices for NLP Training and have been delivering exceptional NLP courses for over a decade; a credible leader in the field today. We pride ourselves on what we offer our customers and are pleased to see other companies modelling our proven track record. The ABNLP was the first company to develop a true accelerated and flexible learning approach in NLP Training. To support our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses we have developed our very own comprehensive NLP study sets. The study packs contain a full multi-media format which enables our learners to transform the way they learn in a time frame to suit their lifestyles. While many other schools offer a similar approach, none have quite reached the same quality in terms of depth, experience and functionality.

Inspire 360 continue to add value to their courses and you can expect a high level of professionalism and experience without the high price tag. ALL our training courses are delivered by NLP & Hypnosis Master Trainer Ewan Mochrie. Ewan is 1 of only a handful of NLP Master Trainers now available in the UK accredited by the ABNLP.

We believe in bringing the training to you so we deliver the NLP Practitioner Trainings in up to 7 UK locations. In addition we have a FREE NLP Introductory course online which is available to download anytime as well as additional FREE NLP resources for both past and present delegates.


Our mission at Inspire 360 is to provide the very best standards of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Training and Coaching using the best tools available in personal development today. We constantly push the boundaries to deepen levels of learning whilst opening up new choices for all those who seek positive change. We strive to make a difference in life, offering higher levels of personal freedom and new connections.


Values motivate behaviour, filtering and evaluating the World we perceive. Values are the DNA of a business guiding and determining its results and the results of the people within it. At Inspire 360 we recognise the importance of values and would like to share ours to ensure that we are the right fit for you and your business

Responsibility – We recognise that we are all responsible for our own results in life and it is because of this that we extend our responsibility to our customers and employees, to provide continuous learning, support and development in order to achieve and exceed the recognised and professional standards.

Inspirational – We are here to make a difference, to be the motivators and help others feel inspired to new levels. Though your life may be complex, and we may face many challenges, we believe that any darkness you sense is not the darkness of night but the darkness before the dawn. We have the tools and the commitment that lead you to greater heights.

Flexibility – The World is complex and interconnected, change is the only constant. Being flexible and adaptive allows for the greatest positive change to happen for all involved.

Realistic – Expectations are important so we are realistic in all that we say and do. We think it is much better to over deliver than to over promise.