The Wheel Turns

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With a blast of freezing air, wrapped in a blanket of snow, winter’s final act is to shove us forward into spring, chilled and chastened. But do not blame winter, this is what winter does, this is winter’s nature. Much of life in Britain may have ground to a halt last week, but this was only temporary, the movement is inexorably forward, always. Within a few weeks the spring equinox arrives, marking days of equal light and dark, and by the end of this month the clocks will be adjusted to summer time. Winter’s goodbye kiss will be forgotten.

For many of us change is unwelcome, but sometimes things need to breakdown, so that they can be rebuilt. After a forest fire new growth comes through, old relationships need to end so that new ones can begin. One of the things to consider about life is attachment, if change is constant, then it is not useful to become overly attached to things, good or bad. The loss of something or someone may well lead you upon a new and unexpected journey. When life brings you something new, roll with it, go with the flow, do not resist it or deny it, embrace it. This is not a new philosophy of course, these concepts and more are embedded in the Tarot card, the Wheel of Fortune. You cannot stop the turn of the wheel, if you try to, it will crush you. Remember circumstances do not matter, what matters is how you react to those circumstances.
Our world is constantly changing and that sense of change is accelerating. For some the changes are unwelcome and for others they are not happening fast enough. To me the direction of change is clear, we are moving into a more connected, inclusive, abundant, self-empowered, and spiritual world. If you look out at the world and cannot see this then look harder, look past the obvious, the soundbites, and the false news. And for sure there is resistance to this sense of change. People who are attached to old ways of thinking are attempting to hold on to these conservative ways, even more firmly. And all that this will do is demonstrate to those who are willing to change that the old ways of thinking need to be released. Take the recent school shooting in America, the convulsive reactions of the political right show just why their thinking is past its use-by-date. What it has also done is galvanised more people, who want to reduce gun violence, to take action. Also look at the lack of concrete progress in the Brexit negotiations. Whatever your views may have been on 23rd June 2016, the lack of clarity that we have now is symptomatic of the intellectual paucity of the leadership that we have had since then, on both sides of the political divide. Change is heading Britain’s way, and if that change makes this country a smaller, poorer place, then the reactionary change that follows will astonish our politicians.

All of these ‘breaking-downs’ make space for us to be build up again. Staring into the darkness can bring you more darkness, but it can also bring you light. If you can see the light in the darkness no matter how small it seems, focus on it, and as you do it will grow and grow…
Nothing stays the same, change is the only constant. The wheel turns, and turns again. But we are not passive victims of its turning. The challenge for us all is to live our lives balanced at the top of wheel whilst it turns. Which would be more exhausting, standing still all day or walking all day, and which is more rewarding?

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” Carl Rogers

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