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It is a fact that most people who wake up in the morning dreading having a bad day probably will. Perhaps they have good excuses for thinking that. There are three things to consider here: Circumstances; Focus; Reaction.

Their circumstances are the things that make most people fear even more bad stuff. Then they say to themselves: ‘I don’t want to have another bad day’. But because the unconscious mind does not process negatives, all it will hear is ‘bad’. And because the UM’s job is to give people what they want, it will instantly present events and situation that they would label as negative. Circumstances are always neutral, by the way – what we believe about them gives meaning to the experience. Ironically, most people do not believe that they create their own reality. Well… As Henri Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or can’t – either way, you are right.”

One of the best ways to achieve your best life is to completely let go of circumstances, and concentrate on your beliefs instead. Because beliefs come first. We have certain ways to think, which in turn lead to the ways we behave, and end up creating our results. If you don’t have a lot of money in your bank account, it’s not very likely that you will book the holiday of your dreams. In this case, the circumstance (not much money) will lead to a specific focus (lack) and a reaction (not booking the holiday). We assume wrongly that the circumstance came first. And then, guess what: energy goes where attention flows. The more their focus is the opposite of what a person wants, the more they will create results that are the exact opposite of what they do want.

We must let go of our circumstances, whatever they may be, and focus instead of what we want. If it’s abundance, for example, then BE abundant. Right now. Book that trip of a lifetime, even if your financial situation makes it the craziest thing you’ve ever done. I realise this may well fly in the face of every reasonable advice you have ever been given. It sounds insane, and indeed, it takes a certain kind of insanity to start living in a dream world of your own creation. Actually, there is a word for that: Visionary. Sounds good to me! Maybe it’s time we had a look at our definitions. For example, what if ‘insanity’ meant that you are sane…? On the inside…? Be careful with your definitions, because they will create your world.

And then, decide what you want, believe you can have it, and set about creating your vision: what would your dream life look like? What kind of person would you be? What would you do every day? What would you have? A nice house? A sailboat? Elon Musk lives in LA, and he hates the traffic there, so now he is completely re-inventing the way that we used to travel by digging tunnels into the ground. Solving LA traffic with his Boring Company. In-sane, right? And yes, he does have a great sense of humour too. Ask yourself: in your dream life, what problems would you solve? Would you save the oceans? Feed the hungry? Travel to Mars in your Tesla? If it sounds crazy, that’s the whole point!

Life is not to be suffered. Don’t believe you can change your circumstances? Doesn’t matter: whether you believe it or not, you are already creating your experience. There is nothing ‘out there’, only a reflection of yourself. For example, if a woman has adopted a set of definitions and beliefs that she is weak and unworthy, she may create an experience of being abused. In our world, at this point in time, a lot of women who have done so in the past are creating the opposite: an experience of strength and empowerment by going after their abusers. And although that’s okay on some level, although experience is good, identifying with it to the point of asking men: ‘When did you start hating us?’ is not.

We are not our bodies, not our genders. Underneath all that, we are all one. So, when did we start hating ourselves? When each and everyone of us focuses on healing on the inside, when we remember that we are already powerful, abundant, and worthy, then the entire world will shift in an instant.

“Choose your delusion wisely… Because it will appear real to you…” – Morpheus

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