During 2014 and 2015 Inspire 360 ran a number of conference events . The purpose of these events was to, introduce new ideas and perspectives to the attendees, and to allow people the opportunity to network. These events proved to be successful and so we thought it was time to reach out to a broader audience. With this aim in mind we have established a new business with some likeminded people, to help bring new ideas about the nature of reality to a world that is slowly waking up to the idea that everything might not be quite as it seems.

Welcome to Synchronicity Expo. Synchronicity was a term coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, in the early 1950s, to help bring into awareness the idea about events which occur in our lives that seem to have a connection in terms of meaning, but that seem to defy the laws of chance and cause and effect. In his book Synchronicity Jung quotes this story as an illustration –

“…a mother took a picture of her small son in the Black Forest. She left the film to be developed in Strasbourg. But, owing to the outbreak of war, she was unable to fetch it and gave it up for lost. In 1916, she bought a film in Frankfort in order to take a picture of her daughter, who had been born in the meantime. When the film was developed, it was found to be doubly exposed: the picture underneath was the photograph she had taken of her son in 1914!”

When synchronicities crop up in our lives we get the sense that the inside world of our thinking and emotions is being reflected out into the outside world of physical things. You think of someone and then minutes later they call you. As you are driving along as you do you think about how to spell a word, and shortly afterwards a van drives past with that word on the side. So what are synchronicities really telling us about our experience? Does everything really happen for a reason?

Synchronicity Expo – 27th October 2018
Consciousness: The Edge of Reason

In the past 450 years the materialistic reductionist scientific model has helped humanity to make great advances in a huge range of subjects. It fired the boilers of the industrial revolution, energising a process which has made the lives of many, but not all of humanity significantly better. Nevertheless as we have made progress in our understanding of the material world we are still left a little puzzled by what we have found. Although the world that we live in seems simple enough. You exist, and so do other people. There are a multitude of objects, big and small, which move (or not), in space, and everything happens over time. The world seems to be mechanistic, even like clockwork. However, this simple, easy-to-understand clockwork representation of the world is not really how everything works. The most successful scientific theory ever, quantum physics, tells us that the future exists as a wave function of potentiality, and that it is our consciousness that converts it into something that appears to be material. At the same time, science is also having a tough time telling us what our consciousness really is.

To help us explore every edge of scientific reason we have asked five distinguish speakers to present ideas from their fields which will help to expand our concept about humanity, our nature and our capabilities. These are:

• Anthony Peake who has written ten books, all his books have one central theme; what exactly is “consciousness”, and what is its relationship with the seemingly solid, material universe presented to us by our senses?

• Graham Nicholls, who is an out-of-body experiencer and researcher who has authored two fascinating books on the subject of OBEs and consciousness. He is also a co-author of Skeptical About Skeptics, with Dean Radin, Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson, Rupert Sheldrake and others. Graham currently works as an advisor, research subject and educator with The Rhine Research Center, the oldest and most respected parapsychological organisation in the United States.

• Dr Penny Sartori, who has been conducting research in the field of Near-Death Experiences (NDE) for 21 years. She worked as an intensive care nurse and has also authored two best-selling books on the subject of NDE.

• Dr Michael Arnheim, who is a London Barrister, Sometime Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge (in Classics), and author of 19 published books to date including The God Book, God Without Religion, Is Christianity True? and the US Constitution for Dummies.

• Ewan Mochrie, Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy.  Trainer of Time Lime Therapy and Coaching.  Ewan in close to completing his first book, which explores many of the topics featured at the event.  Ewan provides easy to understand logic to the most complex of subjects which is why thousands of NLP students continue to follow his work.


If you would like to secure a place at this exciting event then you can book directly through the Synchronicity Expo site by using the ‘Book My Place’ button

Early bird places are still  available from £115

Date: 27th October 2018
Lane End Conference Centre,
Church Road,
Lane End,
High Wycombe,
HP14 3HH

Our understanding of the world is changing, humanity is growing up, play your part.

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