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One of my favourite things about NLP is that it is so enabling. Nowadays when I read self-help books it is mainly for professional reasons, for fun, because I am curious to see what is out there, what new things are coming out, and if I can add any of them to my own tool box. But when it comes to me, I know I am pretty self-sufficient these days. With NLP I have found a way of thinking that really empowers me to be the captain of my own ship: and I like it!

I also think we live in extremely empowering times… I know people enjoy making a struggle of things sometimes, perhaps because they believe it adds value to their achievements; no pain, no gain, that sort of thing. But really, if you live in the western world in the twenty-first century, there are not many things you can’t accomplish if you really want to. Soon it will even be possible for anybody to travel out into space, thanks to Richard Branson. If you’re an artist, a dreamer, a creator, then right here, right now is IT. You can produce your own movies on You Tube or Vimeo. You can record your own music and share it with the world. My favourite, self-enabling, creative thing to do is writing stories and publishing them. And recently someone asked me THE question; the usual, boring, predictable one, you know? The one that often comes with a little smirk and a condescending chuckle: “But you’re not a ‘real’ writer if you ‘only’ self-publish, are you?” people ask.

So I follow them home and I make it look like an accident… Nah, man, only joking! I do think it’s a funny question though that reveals a lot about the person doing the asking, and highlights how easy it is to become a prisoner of our own definitions. Paula Radcliffe once said that it does not matter how fast you run a marathon, so long as you do. If you go through the training, do the long runs when you said you would, even when it’s cold, dark, wet and windy; if you learn about nutrition, and make the dietary changes necessary to transform your body; if you then run the race, experience the highs and lows, and overcome the fatigue (and boredom!) that comes with running non-stop for 26 miles, then you are a marathon runner, period! Doesn’t matter if you’re not the one with the Nike sponsorship or the shiny BBC contract! You are what you do.

My belief is that if we cling to limiting definitions that say we can’t be who we are inside until we fulfil a long list of terms, usually dictated by someone else, we are not doing it right. So for anyone out there who is thinking, “I can’t do/be/have [fill in the blank] because I can’t fulfil the conditions that make it so”, perhaps have another close look at these conditions, and see if they are really set in stone. I think you’ll find that they are not. In truth, nothing is. The world is changing, that’s pretty obvious. We are creating the tools to become everything that we can, and want to be, and so if we choose to hold on to how things used to be, and remain small, shrivelled and frustrated as a result then it is our own fault. Fortunately it would seem that more and more people are choosing to become empowered, and to free themselves of obsolete ways of thinking and behaving. Perhaps when enough people learn how to do this, maybe with NLP, it will have a cumulative effect. And then if the law of attraction is correct, as I believe it is, we will get even more of the good stuff!

Like I said: right here, right now! I would not have it any other way.

“You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.” – Diana Ross

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