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I am sure that you are aware that this month we have our in/out referendum on Europe.  Your decision on this matter is for you to make, that is part of the burden that we bare for being a democracy. We are being asked a question and we can make a choice.  So on what basis do we make that choice, your personal experience and situation will likely guide you and even in our organisation opinions are unusually divided.

So what is at stake, money, trade, sovereignty, immigration, power? What has struck me so far is both campaigns are being run on fear, few “facts” seem available, and people seem largely disconnected from the politicians.   I cannot make an accurate assessment of whether we will be better or worse off in or out, and I worked for 18 years as a Chartered Accountant.  Some of our laws are made in Brussels, but has that been so bad over the last 40 years that we need to let the occupants of Parliament make all of those decisions instead?  And if we have our own currency do we not have sovereignty?  When it comes the question of immigration I feel it necessary to remind people of a little bit of history.  London was founded by Italians (Romans); the Angles to which England owes its name were from northern Germany; the word Parliament is derived from the French verb for talking; Richard I who’s statue stands proudly outside Parliament and who’s three lions coat of arms is on the England football and cricket teams jerseys was French (Norman), he was buried in Frontevraud in Normandy and his heart, at his own request, was buried in Rouen, also in Normandy.  This country is what it is today because of, rather than despite of immigration.

That said, I don’t deny that people have a general and maybe growing sense that something is not right in the country and the world.  But I think that the question that we are being asked isn’t actually addressing that issue.  I think we are being asked the wrong question.  Personally I believe whichever way the vote goes this month little of any significance will change in this country or the world as a result.

So what would be a better question to ask? Well think about this one, “Do you want back the power to have the life you want?”  It was a bit of a trick question actually, because no one has taken that power from you, you may have given it up to others, unknowingly, but the truth remains that you have the power, all the power that you need to have the life that you want.  You might not be accessing or utilising it right now but nevertheless you do have it.   So how do you access it?  Well the first step is self-awareness, become more aware of what you think and how you feel.  As you do, start to recognise what negativity there is in your life and let that go; focus instead on the positive and take action towards what you want.  I met someone recently who gave me a tip that had worked for him to turn his life around.  At the end of every day he would make of list of all the positive things that had happened in his life that day.  As he did each day the list got longer and longer until he stopped wanting to write it down as it was taking too long to do.  If you cannot make up your mind about which way to vote then right out a list of the positive things about being in Europe and a positive list of things about being out and then see how you feel inside.

Personal power is a key theme of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Become the cause of what happens in your life and you will get results;  live at the effect of other people’s causes and you only have reasons and excuses for why your life is not the way that you want it.  Extend out your circle of influence and as you do, bit by bit, you will discover more and more that your power to have the life you want is limited only by your imagination, and your willingness to act on that.

“Seek to know the power that is within you.” Joseph Campbell

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