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Apparently, Dean Martin once said, “I’d hate to be a teetotaller. Imagine getting up in the morning, and knowing that’s as good as you’re going to feel all day.” Well, Dean obviously didn’t know NLP! And I can see how most people would think that’s quite witty, chuckle, and raise their glass in gleeful agreement. But from my perspective right now, this is indeed a pretty sad statement to make. Because wouldn’t it be great if you could get up in the morning, and simply feel amazing? Wouldn’t it be awesome to always be excited, and grateful for every single day, regardless of your circumstances? And do you realise that the choice is only ever yours? If not, now you can.

NLP can be a starting point for you to do more of the things that work well in your life, and less of the things that don’t. Some people do stuff they know isn’t in their best interest, simply out of habit. “I just can’t break out of it”, they say… But the thing is, habits are unconscious. As soon as you become aware of doing a particular behaviour, it stops being a habit. Instead, it becomes something that you choose to do. Why do people continue to act in ways that don’t serve them? Well, perhaps it does on some level, largely unconscious, which absolutely needs to be dragged out into the light, and examined. We all do a whole lot of things on automatic pilot, because deep down we are bored, frustrated, lonely, angry, etc. Whenever you catch yourself doing something you don’t prefer, ask yourself what unconscious desire the behaviour actually satisfies. There will never be a better time to become the best version of yourself than right now. I am serious. And that is because the world is becoming more dream-like.

In a dream, there isn’t much you can’t do, right? You can fly on a magic carpet if you want to; breathe underwater; speak to long-dead relatives. What I mean by the world being more dream-like is that we are entering into a realm of things becoming more possible than they used to be. Sometimes, it can even feel like we’re in a fairy-tale of sorts. For example, did you know that in 1958, there was a US television show in which a character named Trump rolled into town one day, and announced he would protect everyone by building a wall? Weird, but true. Recently, Elon Musk announced he is sending people flying around the moon, and, just this week, his company SpaceX successfully flew a re-useable rocket into orbit, and back. Musk will be flying cargo flights to Mars by 2018, in prep for us going over and turning Mars into a habitable planet, from 2024 onwards. Sounds like science fiction? It is! And hold on to your seats, people, because this is happening right now! The world is becoming more dream-like…

Another example: have you heard of the Drake equation? It is a set of variables used to estimate the likelihood of finding intelligent life in the universe. The 56-year-old equation was recently updated to integrate new exoplanet data, while demonstrating the role of ‘pessimism’ and ‘optimism’ in determining the odds of finding extra-terrestrial life. Because, of course, you cannot find what you are not looking for. This is extraordinary! Because what we are doing right now is re-arranging our previous ideas of what we thought was possible in the world, in order to facilitate the things we want to include. Little by little, we are switching from being on the Effect side of the experience (this life is happening to us, and there’s nothing we can do about it – apart from making it sweeter, the Dean Martin way), to being on the Creative side of it, by manifesting the experience of our choice (everything that happens is a result of how and what we think the world can be). It is indeed becoming more like a lucid dream in this way.

So, have fun with everything becoming ‘crazy-weird’ for a while! Get used to the world being a lot different than you thought, and behaving in some strange, exciting new ways. Outdated limitations are being lifted; old boundaries are becoming more porous. Make it work for you, and for us – by adapting to it, and thriving. In a dream, the only thing that can hold you back is what you believe is possible to achieve. What personal limits can you transcend now? What negative stuff can you choose to let go of? There has never been a better time to start dreaming your life awake.

“Pretty soon you will be living in the dream state, dreaming in the living state, and you will understand physical reality is but a dream.” – Bashar

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