NLP Course Overview

A business consists of people working together for a common objective.  NLP provides an understanding of people and their communication at a much deeper level.  NLP started its life as the study of human excellence.  That is why NLP offers a solid foundation for effective coaching, management, leadership and presentation skills.

This training is aimed at people who want to implement their NLP skills in the field of business and professional development. In today’s competitive business arena, both large and small businesses are seeking out NLP, because they recognise that the content offers a set of powerful tools to ensure people within any organisation at any level are performing at their very best. From directors, HR managers, training developers, entrepreneurs, team managers, IT and marketing professionals can learn and practice how to use NLP for business and personal excellence with great facilitation from our expert trainers.

NLP Coach

Programme Structure & Certification

The course is run in 3 modules over a 3 month period.  This format is designed to allow delegates the opportunity to attend without taking long periods of time out of their busy working schedule, also providing the delegate the chance to integrate the learning and hone their personal development and communication throughout.  This training has been carefully designed to maximise your learning experience, and to give you the opportunity to practice the NLP skills so that you feel confident in your abilities to use the techniques effectively between each module.

You can expect a workshop structure, which includes; instruction, demonstration, discussion and the chance to practice the skills with other like-minded people.  Expect some tasking around your skills in between course modules, which will help you focus and easily integrate NLP into your working day, in total the training cover approximately 120 hours.

On completion of the training, inter-module tasking, reading and assessments you will receive certification as follows:

  • NLP Practitioner
  • ILM Level 5 Certification in Coaching & Mentoring
Module 1 – NLP Skills for Effective Communication

Module 1 – NLP Skills for Effective Communication

On arrival you will be provided with a course manual along with your books, other materials and assessment pack which you with use throughout the training.

In this module you will learn the skills to become a more effective communicator. NLP was originally developed from the work of those who were masters in effective change and renowned for their ability to communicate, influence and persuade. To be successful in business and be recognised for your ability to communicate with precision this module will show you the way.  On completion of this model you will have learned the key influence and persuasion processes to be an excellent communicator and process effective rapport building skills to take back to the work place.

      • The history of NLP and how it was founded
      • NLP Communication model
      • Building rapport at a deep level to build supporting employee and customer relationships
      • Rapport to enable you to influence and negotiate positively to get the very best response
      • Reading all body language, eye patterns and voice qualities.
      • Acquiring the skills to interpret that the other persons communication style and check that their communication with you is in line both verbally and non-verbally
      • Empowerment, Responsibility, Ecology & Beliefs
      • Language models, precision language and language patterns, which allow you to recognise the language structures people use.  Eliciting patterns and hidden embedded messages.
Module 2 – NLP for High Performance Coaching

Module 2 – NLP for High Performance Coaching

So the history of NLP comes from modelling experts in the field of change, so you have the ability to use techniques which simply create a step by step change to get great results for all walks of people.  The skills and techniques in all good coaching models originate from those taught in NLP.  This module demonstrates to you how to get the very best from others in a way that fits with all roles and relationships in any business.

      • Creating states of high performance in people you are coaching; this could be an employee such as team leader or paying client if you work as a consultant in business.
      • Different perspectives on Coaching and Mentoring, and the characteristic of relationships (Judgemental/non-judgemental, commitment, integrity, confidentiality etc.)
      • Engaging the client/employee to develop their thinking so that they are able to access the available resources into consciousness for increased levels of performance
      • Learn and participate in the art of tasking to appreciate the experience and install new behaviours or resources in areas that they may once have found challenging
      • Working with the client’s model of the world and build in choices for future growth
      • Setting goals which challenge, working with their values and belief systems to get performance alignment for both the individual and the business you are working within
(The use of the word ‘client’ above has been used to describe the person you will be coaching for the purpose of description)
Module 3 – NLP for Growth & Leadership

Module 3 – NLP for growth & Leadership

So as we reach the final module you already be using the NLP skills in your current role, with a much deeper understanding of your own behaviours and those of others working alongside you.  You will be coaching using the skills from the previous 2 modules with ongoing support were needed from your tutor/s.  So now it’s time to introduce some of the more specific applications of NLP in business.

– Sales

– Negotiation

– Marketing

– Leadership

On completion of this module you will be able to integrate your NLP skills and techniques from Modules I & II with the specific applications above to be highly successful in the many different specialties of business.

      • The secret of selling is learning to present your product to match your customers’ natural thinking preferences. Learning how to apply powerful communication patterns of NLP can make it very easy for your customers to say YES
      • Understand your clients’ mental strategies, personal beliefs and motivations
      • Understand what motivation drives objections and deal with it at a deeper level
      • The art of customer agreement and closing the sale
      • Marketing with NLP, using concrete levels of communication and understanding the art of hypnotic language in marketing campaigns across the world
      • Negotiation skills, overcoming objections, reading others non-verbal responses and behaviours to adapt your response for the best outcome
      • Developing your leadership style, identifying your own qualities and turning up the volume to ensure for great leadership strategies
      • Leadership can often include speeches and presentations – anchoring positive states and adapting your language to draw in the whole audience
      • Nature and role of vision in leadership and its role in organizational development
      • Models of leadership, and characteristics of effective leaders
Additional Benefits

When you book on this training you will also receive:

      • 12 months Free Membership to the ILM with additional online resources for use in the workplace
      • Pre & Post Course Support Line
      • Monthly Newsletter
Do You Offer This Training In-House?

Absolutely, we recognise that sending 6+ people across the country to attend 3 modules can increase the cost for your business with travel and accommodation expenses. So if you have 6 or more delegates within your business who would like to attend then we can run this course as an in-house programme for you, just give us a call and we will put together a set of dates to suit you and your business. Please call our team for availability on 0845 80 30 360.

How Can I Book My Place?

You can book online or by telephone. We require a deposit at time of booking by cheque, bank transfer, credit card or debit card. If your company is funding your place we just require invoicing details. Once payment has been received we will confirm your booking in writing and send out further joining instruction closer to the commencement date

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