Why use NLP for Weight Loss?

You may well be reading this right now simply because you have tried other approaches and not yet achieved the results that you were looking for. NLP has the power to reach those deeper problem layers and deal with them so that you can be the size, shape and ideal weight that you want to be. Using the understanding of the unconscious mind that NLP brings, we enlist the natural powers of the body and mind connection to get you the results that you want. Using NLP you can re-programme your thinking patterns; uncover what lies at the root of your weight problems and deal with what is eating you. Along with the NLP techniques you can also use Time Line Therapy™ to help you to let go of negative emotions, and Hypnosis to help install the eating habits of naturally thin people. After removing your blockages what you are left with is the simple sensible common sense approach that you want.

Why Diets don’t work

There are thousands of diets in the marketplace to try out and yet very few achieve results. Over 90% of people who diet will fail. That’s because by dieting you are depriving yourself of the foods you really enjoy and eventually give in and revert back to your old eating habits. More than that your body fights against the fact that you are taking in fewer calories and reduces your metabolic rate to help preserve the body.

Losing weight takes more than just watching what you eat, you need to have the right approach and mind set in place to maintain it.  Imagine getting some change at the unconscious level so that you found it easy to say ‘no’ to fatty foods, and are able to enjoy new healthier options that satisfy your hunger and your cravings.

NLP for Weightloss

Healthy Eating is more appealing with NLP

There are several NLP techniques you can use as an NLP therapist or NLP Coach; and you would of course spend sometime discussing the eating habits of your client beforehand during a 1-1 session.  Some of the NLP techniques are so simple, fast and effective that the client just wont believe it!

Here are just a few examples of how NLP can be used to make some significant changes to your approach to weight loss and healthy eating.

1. Like To Dislike – Take something you like and can live without (e.g. biscuits) and change the sub-modalities using a food you dislike (choose something that really connects to your gag reflex – something you really wouldn’t want n front of you).  By changing the modalities and sub-modalities this will stop you eating them.  Most people like to try afterwards (some cant even have a go) but those that do try will say that they look less appealing, taste terrible and feel very differently about them.

2. Dislike To Like – If you want to introduce new and healthier foods into your diet then there are probably many choices that in the past you just couldn’t be bothered eating (e.g. celery). Celery is a great choice because it requires more calories to eat, break down and process than it actually contains. If you really don’t like the taste of Celery there are many other options!  So the difference with this technique is that you will choose a food you love (e.g. Crisps)  elicit the sub-modalities and then apply these to Celery.

If your were taking an NLP Practitioner training we would teach you these techniques on Day 2 of the NLP course, and for most people this is a real eye opener to the power of NLP and how quickly we can change our mind sets and behaviours around food, amongst other things.

There maybe times that when working with a client that the eating habits are rooted much deeper and may require you to use other skills from your tools kit.

3. Swish Patterns – This techniques is used to remove and change patterns of behaviour.  For example ‘I always have a biscuit with my afternoon cup of tea’. That’s 7 biscuits a week (assuming they are only having one) which at minimum of around 700 calories a week you can remove with just one small change.

4. Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis – Some clients reach for the fridge every time negative emotions come to the surface for them, this is also referred to as ‘comfort eating’.  By using Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis you can remove the negative emotions associated to past events; so that the client doesn’t feel them to the same extent or at all in future situations (which they would have done without the interventions).

Exercise is Key – Use NLP

Visualisation is a powerful technique. Know how you want to look and feel.  What are people saying to you about how great you look?  How motivated are you to want to lose the weight, tone up and feel fit and healthy?  As we pointed out at the beginning, weight loss isn’t just about changing your eating habits, its about upgrading your mind and empowering yourself to make changes easily.  Once you start to see and feel the results this will only increase your motivation to move forward and reinforce your beliefs about how easy the change in lifestyle can be.

What is your goal weight?

What dress size are you aiming for?

By when?

How are you going to achieve this?

Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, a brisk walk a few times a week can help.  You can build this up into a light jog if your feel ready for it.  Try Pilates classes for beginners, meet new people by attending a dance class.  Whatever you choose to do take it one step at a time so that you build the motivation.

It you would like to learn more about NLP you can attend one of our seminars and opt to attend one of our NLP Training Courses.  If you are looking for an NLP Coach to help you with your own weight loss journey then give us a call today on 0808 12 30 360.

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