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Hey, have you heard about this? On 31st January this year, and for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance reached frequencies of 36+. That’s huge, a record-breaker. In case you don’t know, the Schumann resonance is the result of electrical activity in the atmosphere. It is also known as the heartbeat of the earth, the frequency of the planet. It is changing, accelerating. And so, what does it mean for us?

Well, first of all, have you heard people comment that the world is changing recently? I started to hear this sort of thing in 2013 on my first NLP training. To which I thought, helpfully, “No, it isn’t!” I was going through some massive change at the time, but I was totally oblivious to it. A year later, I heard it again. The world is changing. This time, I thought, “Yeah, kind of.” Making progress, slightly more aware! Today, not only can I see and hear the change happening in the world, but I can also feel it from inside of my own mind and body. I have become hyper-aware, and extremely interested! No kidding: the world really is changing.

It is said that, just like people, Earth also may go through multiple incarnations. Currently, I hear we are transitioning into a 5th one, and the change in frequency mentioned above is an indication of this. Yes, it does sound like an episode of Star Trek… but also vaguely familiar, and logical at the same time. You know, I wonder if there is more to that show than we think! So, when Earth sheds its old skin, what happens to us? Well, not everyone stays on. I don’t mean they fall off… some people simply remain behind on the old version. I know it sounds strange, but not if you understand there are an infinite number of parallel worlds out there, and that we are constantly shifting between new realities as we evolve, and grow in consciousness.

Now, let’s ask the burning question on everyone’s mind: if you’re a Trump supporter, will you remain stuck on the old rock, as WWIII with North Korea and demonic entities brought in by CERN destroy the world? Sorry, no idea! But I do have an opinion about what the new earth will be like. 1. Government will look nothing like what we have created so far; 2. Money will look nothing like what we have created so far; 3. Humanity will be nothing like who we are right now. And I don’t mean we’ll all be AI monsters. In fact, I see human civilisation on the new earth the exact same way I view myself today, after several years of NLP. Free of enslavement by limiting beliefs, and ideas not my own; free to express my true self fully, completely, safe in the knowledge that everyone around me is doing the same thing, thereby enriching the entire world in the process.

How do you know you’ll shift forward instead of staying behind? Two indicators: 1. You are reading this now, and nodding your head in approval instead of thinking I am crazy. 2. You are actually extremely conscious of the change taking place. And perhaps this manifests simply as a sharper sense of who you are. Perhaps you are moving away from stuff, letting go of old relationships, and beliefs that no longer serve you. Maybe you are becoming more aware of what is not you, and sharing it with the world. You think the Women’s March in Washington and across the world was an accident? Of course not. It is just a symbol of the change we are going through right now. Outside events are simply reflecting, even more keenly than before, what we are experiencing on the inside…

So, to me right now, all the chaos in the political world, the problems with the environment, and the turbulence we encounter at every step of the way is exciting. It means we are finally there: we have reached the end of this particular story. Some people will choose to close the book; other people will decide to roll up their sleeves, and write the sequel. Tell you what: I am a writer! So, read on.

“To boldly go where no man — where no one — has gone… before.” – Captain James T. Kirk

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