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One of the unique things about life is that you tend to get the test first and the lesson afterwards, not the other way round.  It is often the lessons that we learn for ourselves that stick with us, the lessons we really remember.  If you pause for a moment and look back at your life, think about what you have achieved, identify your successes and I’m sure through that process you will pinpoint the opportunities of learning that have been presented to you over the years.  So give yourself some credit, and give yourself a pat on the back.  Now looking forward, what else do you want to achieve, what do you want to do, and who do you want to do it with? Ask yourself what skills and resources you can draw upon to get there and who will be there with you standing by your side, guiding you on the path?  For many of us the main resource we carry will be ourselves, our experiences and our learnings thus far on this life journey.   Sometimes that is enough, and sometimes it isn’t.

What I have found over the years teaching NLP, is that aside from the techniques that you will learn to enable you to work with others or accelerate business performance through Coaching and Leadership, one of the main benefits that people acquire from the training is the unexpected amount of personal change and life skills to draw upon for their future.  This comes in many forms providing students with a focus that allows them to take onboard a variety of coping and adapting strategies, and they quickly learn the fact that they can let go of past problems, letting go of any negative emotions.  What people tell me is that this adds up to a renewed sense of resilience, an ability to cope with life and a motivation to catapult themselves forward into a compelling vision of the future.

Life is fast paced, interconnected and at times challenging, so one of the best things that you can learn for yourself is that resilience, that ability to cope and to adapt as you shape your world around you.  Now imagine, if you can, how your life would be better once you have this.  NLP is a summation of stuff that works in life, learnt from the experience of others and taught in a way that allows you to learn and integrate that within your own life.  This newsletter may be a fish but the message written inside the fish is an invitation to learn how to

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