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I used to wake up every morning with a vague feeling of anxiety in my stomach: I wonder what is going to happen today… Now anxiety has been replaced by excitement: I wonder what’s going to happen today! I have tools and resources to make the best out of every situation, and I also understand how to create more of what I prefer in my life now. Sometimes I feel frustrated though: I wish that I could do more to help people understand how they can hit their own sweet spot too. Of course, there are many ways to reach others: through coaching, seminars, blogs, etc. This led me to asking myself a couple of questions: 1.: What other ways could I invent to impact more people? And 2.: Do I always make the most out of every opportunity I have to actually be the change I want to see in this world?

Sure, it’s easy being my best self when I am with my tribe, the people who share my views and opinions and who are travelling at the same speed… But what about the rest of the times? What about with the people closest to me, the ones I allow to push all my buttons and who can make me go from bliss to nuclear in 3 seconds flat? By discovering that the answer to Question no2 was not a complete Yes, I highlighted a massive opportunity for myself.

Here’s a question for you: how many times did you learn something meaningful and powerful just by watching someone else’s behaviour? How often did you look at someone and wished that you could be a bit more like them? In NLP, we use Modelling as a way of replicating excellence. We learn how to discover and take on the beliefs, values, and behaviours of people who are excellent in what they do in order to become more like them. I would suggest that we can also add their vibratory signature to the list of things we can model in someone. So, by being a true expression of the ideal model I would create, and by maintaining this version of myself no matter what challenging circumstances or people I encounter along the way, I can become much more of a change agent – and that’s exciting.

To quote philosopher Tim Freke, “We all have the potential to be ‘great souls’ and ‘arseholes’.” On a basic level, we have our values, attitudes, beliefs, convictions, etc., all those things that make us tick and define who we are. It’s wonderful, of course, and at the same time, the more attached to our model of the world we become, the more trouble we can get into. People kill for their beliefs, right? As human beings, we lose touch with each other all the time because of our clashing opinions and ideas, be they religious, political, cultural, etc. The good news is that the world is changing fast, and by that I mean us; you, me, the People. Now we have this tremendous opportunity to remember who we really are, and that our identity is just a tool, a preference, a skin we put on to exist in this world and have an experience. How boring would it be if we all had the same one…? I believe that part of being a true model of excellence in our changing world includes recognising that every perspective and expression of life on this planet is relevant and meaningful – otherwise, it simply would not exist. We (as in I!) must also remember where we came from, recognise the journey involved, and be compassionate and loving toward those who travel in different ways and along different paths.

If we choose to live our lives from this higher level, if we choose to be kind over being right, we can rise above the petty stuff that gets in the way of deeper connection and expansion. This does not necessarily mean that other people will meet us on that level, true… Maybe they are not meant to either. But if that’s where we operate from, at last we can serve as models of tremendous possibility that others might be attracted to and choose to replicate. And then, everybody rise!

“The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.” – Paolo Coelho

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