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As many of you who have completed training with me recently will know, I have been writing a book. It has been a long time in gestation and has taken two years to physically write. Today I have finished an author’s draft. The next phase is to find a publisher. If I am unable to secure a publisher then I will explore the self-publishing route.

Several people who have attended trainings with me before have written books. I have always respected people who have done that. And now having almost completed that process myself their achievement seems even greater. A book project requires a concept, or idea, which is new and unique enough to share. The book needs to be researched, so that it is soundly based. It then needs to be written and finally edited. When embarking on a major piece of work like this you need to find a way to maintain your enthusiasm throughout. Whilst at the same time letting go of what the final outcome will be. Afterall this book may never be published. It has also served to highlight for me how we need to find ways to trust how our lives unfold. Although I had an idea and a plan about what I wanted to write two years ago, it was only towards the later stages of the writing that I could clearly see exactly what I was really saying. For anyone else wanting to embark on a writing project I would recommend that you let go of any expectations about the process or the outcome and just write. What you are creating will eventually emerge before your very eyes.

For this project the research has meant that I have read almost two hundred books and journals. Covering the science of time, quantum physics, religion, philosophy, near-death-experiences (NDE), out-of-body-experiences (OBE), reincarnation, parapsychological studies, remote viewing, Western Esoterics, and even the UFO phenomenon. The book is nexus of these topics, because in some way all of these are telling us that our current understanding of reality is incomplete.

The working title of the book is, It’s Time: Change Your Thinking; Change Your Life; Change The World. The world that we live in seems simple enough. You exist, so do other people, and other things. Everything seems to be physical. The events in our lives happen in space, over time, largely following the laws of cause and effect, as described by science. Science has, not unreasonably, assumed that physical reality, space, and time are fundamental to existence. However, instead what I think is fundamental is consciousness and change. If we now rearrange our model of the world with this understanding, an abundance of new possibilities open up for us.

By appreciating that time is an illusion, physical reality becomes a dream-like projection of consciousness, within consciousness. This does not mean that it is any less real. What it means is that it is your mind that creates what you experience. To quote Jonathan Black, author of the Secret History of the World, “All magic is a power of mind over matter.” Through this understanding we can come to realise that we already possess, within ourselves, all of the power of creation. Knowing this does raise many difficult questions for us to face up to. Things like taking responsibility for our lives, dealing with adversity, and learning to love ourselves and others. I have done what I can to address these through my writing. I believe that we can change the way we think by utilising this new understanding or reality. As we do we can then more consciously change the experiences that we have in this life. As an extension of that we can collectively change the world the we live in too.

At the upcoming Synchronicity-Expo in October I will talk more about this new model and how you can live your life through it. So that you, and those around you, can have more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in life. Also speaking at the event will be authors and researchers Anthony Peake, Graham Nicholls, Penny Satori, and Michael Arnheim. They will be bringing with them insights about quantum physics, OBEs, NDEs, and Carl Jung’s ideas about synchronicity.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Gandhi.

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