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As humans, one of our greatest asset is the ability to think ahead and plan. Imagination is a wonderful gift; it helps to navigate our lives a bit better. Take planning for the future for example. We use our imagination and take action today in order to enjoy a better tomorrow. We also anticipate solutions for the not-so-fun events that might happen, be it weather, health, or economy- related. Then, there are the extreme ‘preppers’ amongst us who may train for a zombie apocalypse, or stockpile food for when the planet will get hit by a killer asteroid. What you do depends on your model of the world: on what you believe is possible, likely to happen, and which version of Earth you think you’ll be on when it does; which, in my M.O.W, I believe I get to choose too…

Some people organise and pay for their own funeral in advance as well. And then normally, ‘logically’, that’s as far as the planning goes. But let’s forget about logic for a minute, and reason from a higher plane. Because I’m curious: what about after? Not many people plan for their after-death life, do they? What about you? And do you think it’s weird to be calling it that? Let me ask you the usual coaching question then: what do you want to be/do/have in your post-physical adventure? Admittedly, I have zero proof that it exists. But I do experience life a little differently, and as far as I’m concerned, the story we tell ourselves about the meaning of ‘death’ is all wrong. I call it ‘transition’. And I am taking action now to get the results I want later.

Studies have been made in the area of NDEs (Near-Death Experience), which offer pretty strong evidence that life doesn’t end with the physical. I have also been experiencing OBEs (Out-of-Body Experience) regularly since 2015. There is some debate as to whether ‘out-of-body’ is the best description for it – since all physical form is a manifestation of consciousness, maybe an OBE is just a different level of awareness/vibration. Regardless of designation, I know I can function very well in a non-physical environment. I believe I am just using this temporary body/vehicle right now because it serves a specific purpose for me to be here at this particular time. But when I’m done with my mission, and I’ve got what I came to learn? I’m out, baby!

Not to say I don’t love my life today. I do, AND I am also actively preparing for my next step. For me, that means developing personal consciousness; expanding my perspective; adding value to myself. I have big goals for my remaining time in-body, and equally for when I’ll achieve non-physicality. When I transition, there won’t be any of that ‘resting in peace’ business going on with me! I’m going to make myself useful, and be of service – so, remember that when I show up as your spirit guide. The thing is this: when you attach yourself to a higher purpose, much bigger than yourself, all of a sudden, your motivation to transform will increase a million-fold. That’s awesome. So, think big. Think long-term. Think beyond.

Another thing to bear in mind is that when we ‘die’, our core personality remains. In truth, that’s really what we are – a perspective made manifest. I’ll still be me, and you’ll still be you. Hence why it’s important to do elevating and transformational work in our physical life-time. For me, through using NLP and other stuff, that means letting go of my fears, limiting beliefs, negative emotions; spending uncomfortable moments with my feelings instead of reaching out for easy, numbing, short-term solutions; and reflecting on the purpose of my experiences, especially the ones I label as ‘bad’. When I do this, I get the learning first-time round, and avoid having to repeat the experience over and over. It’s also about developing authenticity, conscious awareness of true self, and compassion for others. Doesn’t mean I don’t get irritated with people sometimes, or experience low days. But it’s about being now what I want to become tomorrow, and then I’ll just slide easily into my preferred experience. I am highly motivated, and in touch with my calling. I’ve got meaningful stuff to live for, now and forever, in whatever form I will be.

And guess what? I’m excited!

“Genius means little more than the ability to perceive in an unhabitual way.” – William James.

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