I Am The Mountain

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When I published my first fiction novel, and the first comments started rolling in it was a huge thing for me. I was delighted that they were so positive: all of them! Obviously after a while, and because it is a Yin-Yang kind of life, it makes sense that I would get a few negatives as well. And I’ll tell you what, when it comes to bad reviews I have received some absolute shockers! It was the sort of feedback that made me really question what I was doing. In fact, I almost pulled everything off Amazon a couple of years ago just because of one particularly hurtful review… Makes me laugh because now I can’t even remember what it said! But at the time it took me almost a week to recover. Back then it seems I still allowed the circumstances on the outside to control me…

In his blog Chaos Theory Ewan reminded us to judge our progress not on whether the outside circumstances change, but on how we react to those circumstances. Some people also use the mirror analogy: if you don’t like your hair, you’re not going to shout at the mirror to show you something else. You’ll make the change, and the image in the mirror will reflect that. Right. So then how come so many people scream at the world that it isn’t the way they want it to be?

Well, probably because that feels like one step too big, right? Once upon a time I would have yelled, “Precisely because it is THE WORLD we’re talking about!” Change your mind, change the world? Impossible! I can’t physically move mountains with my mind, who do you think I am, a pyramid builder?!

But then I discovered NLP and a few other things, and I learned that my body, results, relationships, job, environment… All of it really is linked to the conditioning of my unconscious mind, and ultimately it does create my reality on the outside. It was the weirdest and most fascinating thing I’d ever heard. I was crazy in love with the idea that all this stuff might be true, and that by changing my basic conditioning I could change the circumstances of my entire world…

Fast forward to now: my third novel is out, and I am still reading reviews. I do care what people think, and yes, I still get shockers from time to time. But not as many. And now I am also aware of the choice I have. I can cry all day because of what this one person had to say, wallow in it, and allow it to bury me under a tonne of rubble. Or, I can choose to focus on what I want. To keep looking at the bigger picture, and to carry on developing the person on the inside, regardless of what the results on the outside may look like at this particular moment in time. Because little by little, my world is changing into my preferred one, the one I am building inside my head one word at a time.

When my dream of having books on Amazon felt as impossible to me as sailing to the moon in a hot-air balloon, if someone had told me that one day one of the things I would worry about in my new world were spoilers in reviews, I would have laughed them out of the room. Now I wonder why we find it so hard to believe in ourselves. We are so stubborn in our denial of all the great things we can accomplish, if we simply decide that this is what we are going to create now, period! Nothing, absolutely nothing, is too big. So whatever you’re doing, if your results don’t quite reflect your dream world just yet, know that it is coming. Keep working, keep learning, keep improving. And BELIEVE! It doesn’t matter how big the mountain you want to move may appear to you. The world is not as solid and dense as we think it is, and even though most of the times we may feel totally separate from it, that is not the case. Sometimes it’s not a matter of being strong enough to move the mountain; maybe all you need to realise is that you are the mountain…

“The truth is not always in the appearance of things.” – Bob Proctor

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