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It tends to be at this time of year that many of us take stock of our lives, plan for the year ahead and set goals; so if I said lets plant the seeds for growing New Wealth, my guess is that you would be up for that. But what is New Wealth. The richness that you have in life isn’t only measured in pounds shillings and pence. There is certainly nothing wrong with financial wealth and just like experience, it’s not how much you have but what you do with it that counts; more on financial wealth in a moment. But New Wealth encompasses all of your life experience, where is the wealth in working all day if you are too tired to enjoy the bits when you are not working. And what is the point of doing a job that gives you no satisfaction or in a way that doesn’t match with your core values. How rich is your life if you are too ill or over weight to fully participate in it or if when you wake in the morning the first human face that you see is of someone who’s use-by-date has expired, let alone their display-until-date.

Everything starts with awareness; sit now and think through all areas of your life, in which areas is your life poor. The seeds of your future wealth are planted with the power of your own mind. Imagine your life being as rich as you want it to be. Spend a few seconds now living in the moment when you are reaping the harvest of your New Wealth. Good, now that is just the beginning. Once you have chosen the right place to plant your seeds, the food and water that you grow your New Wealth with is ‘action’. Take the positive steps that you need to take to make your vision a reality. Getting going and taking some action is still just the start, most of us would have the life we wanted already if that was all that was involved. Sometimes the hardest thing is maintaining the momentum once you get started. Gyms around the country are full of new recruits and lockers are hard to find. But how many will still be there in the warm glow of summer. So make sure the Wealth you are focusing on is compelling and you learn positively from any set-backs along the way. Because set-backs there will be, the difference between wealth and mediocrity is sometimes not in the vision but in your determination and persistence to make that your reality.

In a time of austerity, financial wealth is even more prized and some people will think that it’s harder to find. That is why New Wealth means new ways of thinking about how you create financial wealth, new ways of regarding your business, new ways of thinking about your customers. The days of thinking about your customers as someone to be milked and manipulated are passing and good riddance to them. People will reward you when you serve them up something they need with quality and value. And if you are running you own business be honest about yourself, your product and services; deliver great value in what you do and New Wealth is yours.

So look positively into the year ahead, for those who want to see it there is a world of abundance that beckons us into the future. All we need is a little vision and steely determination to let go of our fears and bring your New Wealth into this reality.

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