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Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white baThe News over the festive period was full of travel chaos; sadly another Malaysian plane was lost at sea; a ferry adrift and on fire in the Adriatic; 12,000 motorists stranded in the French Alps and train station closures across London. Nobody can predict the future, and when you are setting out on a journey you do need to take sensible precautions and make measured preparations for the trip. Some journeys are likely to be hazardous, whilst others can become unexpectedly treacherous in barely a moment. This is a time of year when many people reflect on their own personal journeys through life and maybe set goals or make promises to themselves to change direction. You may be thinking or doing the same right now.

Setting an outcome or a goal or a New Year’s resolution is just the start of the process. It is an important start though. You wouldn’t set out to travel a long distance if you didn’t have some idea about where you were going, would you? So I would certainly encourage you set some goals or outcome’s for yourself, or at least review the ones that you already have. Just as important though is knowing how you keep yourself on track when outside events seem to be impinging on your journey. There are many things that you can do. Through our NLP trainings some of what we teach is about having flexibility of thinking and installing a sense of emotional resilience in people. So that when your journey takes an unexpected turn you have sufficient mental agility and emotional freedom to get back on track. We also help people to let go of what it is that’s stopping them from travelling the path that they want to in life.   I see it all the time; people let go of habits, change beliefs about themselves and let go of major or minor negative emotions. People achieve focus so that they can guide themselves through the choppy waters of life.

Sometimes we resist the process of change, the familiar can be comfortable for us even when it’s actually uncomfortable simply because the unknown is, well unknown. Often when we start to get the sense that we do need to make a change we hold back and attempt to row back against the current hoping that everything will simply go back to the way it was. Maybe things do settle down for you, but all too often things get worse and worse until we decide to take charge of our lives for ourselves. When people accept responsibility for their current life situation, even if they aren’t really responsible for the situation they are in, then they can start to make positive changes for themselves. I know I have done so and I have seen many many people on our NLP trainings who have done so too.

I don’t know what lies around the next corner or through the next tunnel in my life or in yours but I know that I have the skills to get myself on track no matter what happens, and I know that you can do that too. The planes, boats, cars and trains are setting out to the future now, get on track in 2015.

“When you travel towards your objective, be sure to pay attention to the path. The path teaches us the best way to arrive and enriches us while we are traveling along it.” Paulo Coelho

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