Our key founders Ewan Mochrie & Joanne Binks established Inspire 360 back in 2005 “To inspire others to discover their full potential”.

Ewan and Joanne know that their teams greatest strength, is combining their wealth of life experience, knowledge and continual growing skill base; so that they are able to develop NLP trainings and Coaching programmes with a unique approach, matching the clients personal aims, values and needs, to deliver astonishing results every time.

  • Ewan Mochrie
    Ewan Mochrie Master Trainer of NLP / Master Trainer of Hypnosis Trainer of Time Line Therapy®/Master Coach Trainer / Author

    Ewan Mochrie is the founder and Managing Director of Inspire 360.  Since 2006 Ewan has had the pleasure of certifying many NLP Practitioners & NLP Master Practitioners across the UK and around the world. He also supports many multi-national organisations and small business owners by delivering NLP bespoke training programmes and Executive Coaching sessions to enhance business performance and improve communication skills.  Ewan is fast becoming a household name, because of his fantastic knowledge and delivery of NLP training.  He makes the training fun, interactive and thought provoking, whilst demonstrating a clear passion for the specialist subjects he teaches.

    Ewan was originally trained by Dr. Tad James, one of the most recognised developers of NLP worldwide. Ewan accompanies a small group of NLP Master Practitioners to Las Vegas each year where they train with Dr Tad James to become incredible NLP Trainers.

    In his words “It is only through change and learning that growth is possible.  There is no better way to serve others than to help them to learn and grow for themselves.”

    Ewan has been described by his delegates as a ‘model of excellence in the field of NLP’ and ‘inspirational teacher’ and let us know how much they enjoy being part of his programmes.

  • Joanne Binks
    Joanne Binks Director of Operations, Executive Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

    Joanne is one of the co-founders of Inspire 360 and holds the position of Sales & Operations Director within the business. She has at least 20 years experience leading, coaching and motivating individuals to achieve their goals. One of Joanne’s great passions is coaching and when doing so she holds on to a deep-rooted belief in the individual’s ability to make a difference. She is driven by the results she helps her clients produce, providing outstanding NLP based Coaching for both personal and professional change. Her proven background and ability to develop people and encouraging them to find innovative solutions makes her an exceptional coach.

    Joanne knows that behind every successful business is a team of highly motivated people. Having previously worked within large sales and customer service based organisations for more than 15 years her passion for personal development & coaching continued through the work of Inspire 360.

    Joanne also manages two other businesses in the North West of England, offering Holistic therapies and Executive Coaching. She has 2 young daughters and enjoys Coaching and playing Volleyball in her spare time.

  • Anne Burton
    Anne Burton NLP Trainer / Trainer of Hypnosis / Trainer of Time Line Therapy Trainer

    Anne is a great trainer and business coach.  Her journey to discovering NLP started back in 2007 when she found herself , trying to manage the emotional and stressful pressures of work.  Anne took steps to move away from her working role and take time out to work on herself, learning more about the psychology of behaviours and coping strategies to deal with stress and anxieties created in the workplace.

    Anne took a post graduate qualification in Emotional Intellience and continued her journey aiming to find a solution that would eliminate past issues.  It was then she discovered NLP, and finally discovered a toolbox to combat the challenges she had encountered in her previous roles and was then able to support others.

    In 2015 Anne qualified top of her class at the NLP Trainers Training in Barcelona and is now sharing her passion with others.

  • Colin Clayton
    Colin Clayton NLP & Hypnosis Trainer

    Colin has spent 23 years in the Royal Navy in a diverse range of roles ranging from leading and managing specialist engineering teams in high pressure environments, to constructing and delivering effective training designed to enhance career progression and professional competencies of individuals and teams alike.

    Colin is a keen advocate of self-development and is passionate about enhanced self-discovery through varying modalities of meditation and other holistic techniques that when coupled with his more mainstream experience allows him to deliver a unique blend of practical skill set development, learning and self-awareness.

    Colin continues to challenge and develop himself and during 2015 achieved his certification to become a Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis under the direction of NLP Master Trainer Ewan Mochrie.

  • Natalie Debrabandere
    Natalie Debrabandere NLP Trainer & Author

    Natalie is a talented Coach and Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis.  She has a proven track record of making the most of the tools and techniques she teaches in order to achieve excellence in her own life, always leading by example.

    Natalie is also an accomplished author, she shares the specific steps that she took to overcome severe clinical depression in her book ‘Switch On! How To Think Differently And Unlock Your True Potential With NLP’.  Natalie also writes monthly articles for specialist NLP websites with the aim of sharing a way of thinking that helps others to become more of themselves in every way. Through the coaching and writing she offers, her core mission is to provide an empowering and exciting perspective on life to her clients and audiences; one which leads to deep and long-lasting positive change, and equips them with resources for successful living.

  • Leighton Stagg
    Leighton Stagg Leadership Trainer & Executive Business Coach

    Leighton is an experienced Life and Business Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. He continues to work with individuals and groups to help them gain greater confidence and clarity – so that their inner and outer obstacles can be overcome allowing them to achieve their full potential.

    His passion for personal development in business is infectious. He works hard with his delegates and customers to enhance communication and clarity, develop effective leadership and management skills, improve team relationships and productivity, and develop people using his professional development programmes.

    As a military veteran Leighton also has a passion for working with other ex-service members and the organisations that support them.

    In September 2016 Leighton will be taking the next steps on his NLP journey and joining our NLP & Hypnosis Trainers Training programme in Barcelona.

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