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Photo - Heart & HeadWhat do you listen to your head or your heart, where is your true guidance, which is your master.  When you feel deep down inside that you love someone or that you love doing something, you just feel it; yet when you think of following that path what happens, does your logical rational thinking ‘conscious’ mind kick in?  Does your head rule or is it your heart?  Well you may think that it should be your head because that’s where you do your thinking that’s where your brain is. But is this logic necessarily true?

According to Dr Rollin McCraty of the HeartMath Institute, the heart actually contains neurons and ganglia that have the same function as those of the brain, such as memory.  Both organs send information to each other.  In fact the heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. These conversations between both organs influence each other.  Stress and depression have a physiological impact on the heart.  Negative emotions throw both heart rhythms and brain wave patterns out of sync.

In the ancient Egyptian religion the heart was regarded as the seat of emotion, thought, will and intention. The literal translation of the Egyptian word for happiness was “wideness of heart”.  As a soul passed into the afterlife an important ceremony was the weighing of the heart against a feather in the presence of Anubis; if the heart was heavier than the feather then the outlook was not good for the newly deceased soul.

The concept of a broken heart is well documented in western culture through song and the written word.  It is strongly associated with real physical pain with evidence that social rejection activates the same areas of the brain as are associated with physical pain.

Essentially all of these points demonstrate the importance of the heart and sensations that we associate with it.  Also what it highlights for me is that if you seek alignment between your head and your heart you will attain alignment in your emotional and physical wellbeing.  There are many ways to do this, Dr McCraty recommends heart-focused breathing to align and synchronise.  I think that letting of negative emotions and focusing on what you want in life go a long way to achieving this alignment too.  One of the disciplines that I teach is Time Line Therapy™.  This allows people to let go of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt from the past.  This helps you to be emotionally resilient, it gives you “bounce back ability”.  If you have this sense of emotional resilience you then have the mental space to hear the messages that heart beats out and you can then act on them confidently, fearlessly, even lion heartedly.  Connect with your love, your passion; trust your inner wisdom and the inner intelligence of your heart and become wide-hearted.


“when you tell a person that you love them,

it is coming from your heart,

spirit and soul;

the place that made you love them from the beginning.

true love never leaves the heart.”


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