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NLP TransformationsToday I read about a new medical study, which highlights what seems to me to be some slightly puzzling and contradictory information:

  • “Taking aspirin every day can reduce the chance of developing or dying from bowel and stomach cancers”.
  • “Taking aspirin daily looks to be the most important thing we can do to reduce cancer after stopping smoking and reducing obesity” (Quote, Prof. Jack Cuzik, QMUL)


  • “Aspirin’s well known possible side-effects include bleeding in the stomach and the brain”.
  • “Exactly how aspirin protects against cancer is unknown”.

You would also have to take it for ten years, and it would be at least five years before you could start to see any potential positive results. (BBC News website)

I am sure that some relatively healthy people will start taking aspirin on the back of this study, perhaps encouraged by their doctors. I don’t know what their results will be. I hope outstanding. I would argue that if they choose to take pills with known nasty side-effects, in order to beat the cancer they have obviously started programming into their future lives, then they would benefit from taking a good look at their thinking process, and perhaps doing a bit of rewiring.

Just saying, maybe taking a walk on the Time Line might be less painful than a stomach bleed.

Fear can play such a role in our lives, and our decisions, but only if we let it.

Most people don’t know that we can choose to let go of fear, some even think fear is a good thing. That is probably because it is so ingrained in all of us that we should be afraid. We keep being told that we should expect things to go wrong, so that we can invest in the solution right now, by buying the insurance and popping the pills, always imagining the worst case scenario so that we can be prepared… And then what?

A few years ago I did a parachute jump. I’d always wanted to do one; I was excited, motivated, and raring to go. Yet the night before, I started to feel the FEAR, big time. All of a sudden all I could talk about was what if it all goes wrong? I’m paying for this? Am I stupid or what?? I was ready to cancel the jump.

My friends had kindly arranged to take me out for a meal that night, which they laughingly dubbed my last supper, and everyone was having a brilliant time telling me how nice it had been to know me. Hilarious. Then one of them told me something I’ll never forget. He said, “Look, go do it, and have fun. And if you die, may it be quick, and with a beautiful view.”

It wasn’t Quantum Linguistics, but it was powerful nonetheless! I took it to mean: Hey, stop moaning, and focus on what you want.

In Coaching we say with your goals you have to have High intention, Low attachment. Work like absolute crazy to achieve your dreams, but don’t worry about the outcome so much. It will take care of itself. You know that voice in the film Field of Dreams that says “If you build it… He will come”? That’s what I’m talking about!

The point is that if we can take the fear out of our lives, then we can also refuse to trust in limitations. There are a whole bunch of NLP techniques that can help us let go of negatives emotions and limiting beliefs, quickly, for good, and it won’t make your brain bleed.

Let’s put that on the news more often, shall we?


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