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Let me tell you how I spent an entire afternoon crying my eyes out, and yet I could not have been happier! The reason for this paradox is that I was writing the death of a major character in my new novel. Emotion in the writer equals emotion on the page, and satisfied readers! So, I was happy, and yet, I couldn’t help the tears; the story I was telling myself was just too compelling.

What about you? What fascinating stories are you telling yourself about the meaning of your life experience? Are they joyful and empowering epics, or distressing and crushing tales? Are you even aware you’re doing it? Becoming conscious of any unconscious narratives you may be running inside your head is of tremendous importance. As Carl Jung pointed out: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” So, take charge of your experience by changing the storyline. By simply shifting your focus, you can give a new meaning to any situation. This will change how you feel about it. In turn, it will influence your behaviour. If you act differently, you will get better results. How you respond to a situation can have such a powerful effect on it as to actually affect its outcome.
Now, what else can you do to make 2018 a tremendous year for yourself?

First, wake up and realise your own power! Science has been telling us for some time now that everything is energy, including us. We are energy infused with intent, purpose, and direction. When we truly realise the implications of this, it is jaw-dropping. Because what it means is that whatever we hold in consciousness, we will end up manifesting ourselves as; also, we will project it outward as our external reality. Wayne Dyer said it perfectly: “In life, you don’t get what you want – you get what you are.” So, make sure that your inner programming and the language you use to describe your experience always reflect the BEST version of YOU.

Second, live ‘As If’. Whatever your goal may be, act as if you already have it. Also, act the way you want to be perceived. Get up, dress up, show up, and smash it! If you feel down, fake feeling great. If you feel unsure, fake feeling confident. Whenever thoughts of inadequacy pop into your head, act the opposite. Address those limiting beliefs too. Beliefs are just ideas you have decided are true. Of course, you can change them. Basically, what I’m saying is this: fake it till you make it! As per my first point, absolutely nothing is set in stone out there. When your consciousness is 100% imbued with the best, highest, most authentic version of yourself, in every way, you will see the results that you want reflected in your experience.

Third, believe that life is happening for you, not to you. When I say that by changing your mind you can change your reality, I speak from experience. But whereas internal change can be instant, things in the physical world can take longer. Do not be too invested in seeing immediate change happen outside yourself. Real progress is not measured by whether old problems disappear anyway, but by how much better you respond to the challenges. Tony Robbins actually says the biggest problem most of us have is that we think we’re not supposed to have any. He tells us we have to “trade our expectations for appreciation!” That’s a tough one to swallow sometimes, but it’s true. The trick lies in realising there is something positive at the core of any experience, even the most tragic ones. Once you believe the challenge is there for you, then you open yourself up to finding the teaching it contains, the pearl in the oyster. Some people say they always expect the worst in life, so they’re never disappointed. That is not what I’m saying. They also use the excuse that they’re ‘only human’ to justify a lack of results. Again, that is not the way. When you change your narrative about what it really means to be a human being, you will see that expecting miracles is only realistic after all, and there is no need to be afraid.

2018 is here, and you can take it from me: everything’s really going to be okay!

“This is not about becoming super-human. This is about realising being human is super.” – Sadhguru

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