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Do you have a big goal? Are you excited about it? Have you gone through the steps of mapping out how you will realise it, and are you now well on your way to success? Ever wonder why coaches always say that when you are working on achieving something, the best thing you can do is detach yourself from the end result you have in mind? What you need to do is have zero expectation with regards to the outcome. Let it go. Forget about it. That is the best way. But why is that? After all, aren’t you supposed to be focused on what you want in life? Carry your goal in your pocket on a laminated card, and read it three times a day, the Jack Canfield way? Which is it?

Let me tell you a quick story. Back in December last year, I organised a talk about NLP. Personally, using NLP has been so instrumental in helping to turn my life around, and bringing happiness and success back into my experience, that I am very excited about sharing it with others. I was also hoping that it would generate opportunity for me. This being said, my levels of excitement did not extend to advertising and marketing my event. I did minimal work in those areas. Put it on Facebook; called my local paper, and asked if they would kindly run an article about it; forgot to follow up… Like I said, not really bothered about the logistics side of things! I went off travelling for ten days, and on the night of the talk found myself standing there all excited, raring to go, yet very aware that it would be a miracle if even one person showed up. Tell you what, I got four. Everybody had a good time, learned useful stuff, and I definitely caught on to what to do differently next time. Because in terms of my specific intention to generate business and opportunity for myself, I was way off the results I had been looking to achieve… Or so I thought.

The very next day, I received an email from a local NLP professional I had not seen or spoken to in four years; she said she had spotted the article about my event in the paper, and asked if I would be interested in working with her on developing a coaching seminar. Now, that was the result I had been wanting all along: opportunity, collaboration, creativity… Awesome! But see how it was a little bit off field from what I had first imagined it would look like? To me, success meant people coming to my presentation, and converting into clients. Period. Insisting on this version of the outcome meant I had not achieved my goal. It highlighted a lack of result. But expanding my thinking to include a wider picture actually helped me realise that I had achieved exactly what I was after. All of a sudden, my focus was firmly back on abundance again. And really, abundance is everywhere; we are naturally abundant beings; we just need to put ourselves in the right frame of mind to perceive it.

So, getting back to goal setting, and why you should never insist on a particular outcome: if our conscious mind were a plane, and our unconscious the pilot, then our Higher Self would be the control tower. It sees and oversees more of everything. So, by setting an intention, deciding on a goal, and taking first steps, consciously, we radio the tower. We visualise our desired end result, get excited, and take action toward it. That is when it is crucial to also trust in our higher guiding system. Because it has already worked out the parameters for smooth travel toward a destination that might well lead to more opportunity going forward than we can ever imagine by only using the [limited] resources of our conscious mind. So, throughout the journey, be aware. Stay in touch with your intuition. Trust in the higher vision you can’t see yet. Keep an expanded perspective on everything that is possible for you to achieve – because everything really is. Don’t have tunnel vision about your goal. Don’t insist on a particular outcome. Have faith, and trust in your powerful and mysterious Self…

“Don’t get caught in ideas of logic and reasoning and linear reality that block you from being open to things coming your way in unpredictable, surprising, non-linear, non-physical ways. Don’t depend on the system. Generate your own system!” – Bentinho Massaro

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