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I am enjoying reading David Wilcock’s book The Source Field Investigations. In it David comments on the fact that sometimes people don’t understand how to interpret their own dreams. He says he finds it frustrating when he hears people sharing dreams of cataclysmic or earth-destroying disasters, and concluding that this must be some kind of terrifying glimpse into the future and a dark prophecy about to reveal itself… In fact, David says, those dreams should be treated as a symbolic reflection of the deep changes happening within the dreamers’ own lives, changes which will happen soon or have already started.

Nothing to worry about, it’s all symbolic!

This makes sense to me since on NLP trainings we learn about the prime directives of the unconscious mind; one being that the Unconscious Mind takes everything personally, and another that it is symbolic… So if you could only communicate through symbols and metaphors, and took everything personally, perhaps you would be a bit loud and dramatic about it too! Wouldn’t you?

The Unconscious Mind taking everything personally is also the basis for the concept of Perception is Projection. I was blown away by this idea when I first heard of it on Practitioner, and I took it a little bit too far I must admit! I was like Bill in this story, whose friends all campaigned extremely hard to raise money to send him on a fantastic all-expenses paid holiday to Hawaii. When asked why they’d been so generous the friends said, “If Bill goes, we all go.” Ha! It’s easy to get tied up in knots thinking about Perception is Projection, but at the base level it simply means that what we perceive in other people comes from inside our own head. We project our filters onto others in order to interact with them. We are those filters, things like our attitudes, beliefs, values and memories, and we are never, ever, filter-free… Maybe all we ever are is a point of view!

And so, if what we see on the outside is always a projection from the inside, does it mean that we are dreaming it all..?

In a few weeks I am going to a Philosophical Deep Awakening weekend with author Tim Freke, who wrote an exciting book (one of many) called Lucid Living, in which he discusses this very strange idea: what if we were all fast asleep in our lives? We think we’re awake when we get up in the morning and go about our daily business, but in fact what if it was just another level of a continuing dream..?

Someone who wrote extensively about his experiences with dreaming is psycho-physiologist  Stephen LaBerge. He recalls a time when he was dreaming of fighting with the school bully, who had taken on the symbolic appearance of a terrifying monster. Dr LaBerge, who has trained himself to dream lucidly, explains how he woke up in that dream too, faced the monster, and instead of fighting back sent as much love toward him as he could: as soon as he did this the bully instantly melted against him, and he woke up feeling incredibly peaceful…

So, let’s look at the world in which we live now.

Doesn’t feel like a dream… Or does it? Could all the violence, tragically real for some, also be experienced on another level as symbols and communication from a higher mind? And what if we could choose to wake up in the dream, and hug the bully? What if we all individually did this? Would it make our collective dream change too? How much? And how many people will it take?

Who knows…  In dreams, anything can happen!

Our brain simulates reality. So, our everyday experiences are a form of dreaming, which is to say, they are mental models, simulations, not the things they appear to be.Stephen LaBerge

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