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Well what a curious few weeks we have had. Is peace about to break out on the Korean peninsula? Has the unconventional Donald Trump secured a foreign affairs triumph that eluded his slick predecessor? Time will tell. And, after two years of apparent inaction the Brexit process seems to be picking up some pace. Although it is still likely that we will see the Brexit Battle Bus careering right off the cliffs of Dover in an inane act of self-immolation. Curious indeed, perhaps this story will have a different ending in a parallel universe. And if associated resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis weren’t strange enough, England won a penalty shoot-out in a major footballing tournament. Proving that change is possible, no one is prisoner to their past.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a codification of how people do what they do. It was created by a process of modelling excellence in others, breaking down behaviour into learnable steps, and integrating these within oneself. There are many desirable traits which make this modelling process work effectively, one of these is flexibility. The ability to try things out and to experiment. This is one the greatest skills that you can cultivate within yourself. If what you are doing isn’t working then have the flexibility to try something else. Do not be afraid of looking stupid, have a go, and see what happens.

Another important mind-set involved in NLP modelling is curiosity, if someone is good at doing something, then what is it that they are doing? It was this combination of flexibility and curiosity that uncovered an understanding about people and a set of tools that today is collectively known as NLP. This very same idea of curiosity is also useful when coaching others. A coach is curious about their clients. A coach wants to know: how did the client get to where they are in their life, how is their life working out, and what is the problem, or the goal, that they want the coach’s assistance with? By being curious and seeking the answers to these questions the client’s life situation is laid out in front of them so that they can perceive it more clearly.

For the coach this sense of curiosity tends to bleed through into all aspects of their life. I know coaches who like nothing better than watching ‘reality’ type TV programmes simply because they are curious about how other people approach and experience life. People who study NLP often get led deeper, and deeper into the exploration of human nature, and the human condition. As far back as I can remember I have been wondering about the structure and the purpose of this Earthly experience that we are all engaged in. What is time, and what is consciousness? What happens after death, if anything? And what happens during mystical experiences that people have? In fact it was this sense of exploration that led me to NLP in the first place. The NLP tool kit then sharpened the lens of my curiosity, and my quest for understanding has continued. Over many years this has meant that I have researched about out-of-body-experiences, near-death-experiences, childhood stories of reincarnation, and life elsewhere in the universe. And as I have explored, I get the sense that we inhabit a very curious world indeed. One that Alice might recognise on her adventures in Wonderland. Some of these topics will be discussed in more depth at the Synchronicity Expo event on 27th October, when I will present more of my ideas about what is really happening in this curious world of ours.

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” William Barclay

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