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Since the result of last week’s referendum the Prime Minster has resigned and so have a significant number of the shadow cabinet, Scotland now wants another referendum on independence and there are loud calls for a second EU referendum.  On top of which the Europeans are calling for us to get on with getting out.  So where do we start to make sense of this? Well I did say in my last piece Power to the People before the referendum that people were unhappy but that we were not being asked the “right” question.  So answering the wrong question isn’t going to make things much better for those that want change.

All of this strongly reminds me of the mathematical work around chaos, where a dynamic system, is very sensitive to small changes in the initial conditions which are set, leading to difficulties in making long term projections.  Weather is the most commonly quotes example of where chaos theory is applied and why making weather models is both very difficult and why highly powerful computers are often used in weather modelling.  Where even the flapping of a butterflies wings in the amazon can “create” a storm in the pacific.

In my opinion, there is no question that there are issues within the European system.  It seems a little un-democratic or at least the democracy is so remotely applied that there is little accountability.  Inevitably that leads to financial waste, as we have had here too, remember MPs expenses anyone.  Also the Euro financial system seems unbalanced and likely to fail, how many people are going to want to sit through the pain of continually bailing out Greece now that Europe just got a little smaller.  Reduction in trade usually means reductions in wealth.  So what lies on the other side, for the UK or what ends up being left of it, and for Europe.  Will our parliament even proceed with a European divorce and what if they don’t?  More elections, more referendums?  And while we are at it, what impact is this little side-show going to have on the US election this year. The only thing that seems certain is uncertainty.

What I said in my last article still stands, you have the power to live in a world that you want to live in.  Where you start is knowing that you do. Avoid the knee-jerk reactions of blaming others, whoever they are for the way your life is.  Know the power that resides within you.  There is not enough space to explain the mechanics of this here, but the fundamental message is, you can never change the world, what happens is when you change, the world you experience changes.  That also means that you have to allow other people to have and to voice their own opinion, because if you can then so can they.  Allow people to make their own choices, because if you can so can they.  Eventually, as you take your power back inside of you, no matter what happens on the outside you will be ok.  Judge your progress not on whether the outside circumstances change, instead judge your progress from how you react to those circumstances.

There is another aspect of chaos theory that is pertinent here.  One of the amazing things about chaotic systems is that sometimes, spontaneously, out of the chaos springs beautiful order and structure.  I cannot predict what will happen over the rest of this year and beyond, all I would recommend is that you invest in you, let go of fear, negativity and judgement and of course you had better buckle up because we are in for a ride.

“Chaos results when the world changes faster than the people.” Unknown

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