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The sun is shining, there are no clouds in the sky, the temperature is in the low twenties, and a gentle breeze rustles the turning leaves on the trees around me, as I sit outside with a cool beer. No this is not my imagination, and yes I’m not in Manchester. I have just finished running our 2017 Trainers Training in Barcelona, one of Europe’s most beautiful and friendly cities, nestling by the coast in Northern Spain.
A bunch of new NLP Trainers from across Europe have been initiated as trainers of NLP. So why would anyone want to become a trainer of NLP. Just before the turn of 21st Century I read the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. In that book he suggested that you should set goals for yourself, and even to think right out into the future, and imagine what you would really want to do, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to you right now. I was working as a chartered accountant at the time, and though that is a fair career path to follow, it certainly was not what I was passionate about in life. So following Covey’s advice I set a long term goal to “Do for my career the thing that I am most interested in.” Over the next few years I simply acted upon what excited me, without particularly holding onto an expectation of a particular outcome. Then in May 2005, whilst still an accountant, I found myself on a NLP Practitioner training. During the course I thought “I could deliver this training.” More than that I saw it as a way to change tack in life, and to take more direct control over my career path. But I knew I didn’t have the skills or knowledge to do it right away. In fact at the start of that course I thought it would take me ten years to be able to become a trainer and run my own business. Yet eighteen months later I travelled to Australia and took my NLP Trainers Training with the creator of Time Line Therapy™, Tad James.

The NLP Trainers Training is about installing within you, the skills that you need to be an excellent presenter. So if you are a business leader, an entrepreneur, a trainer, if you have a message that the world needs to hear, or if you too want to become a trainer of NLP, with your own business, like I did, then this is a great training for you too.
You will learn how to align your conscious and your unconscious minds, so that all of your resources are accessible to you, whenever you need them, when you present. You will learn how to construct, and communicate, inspiring stories to enhance your delivery. You will learn how to structure your content so that it is clear and memorable for your audience. You will learn how to manage audiences of any size, and how to handle questions and challenges from your audience. This is a bit of feedback that I received, this year, after running a training course for military personnel.

“I have NEVER seen military personnel warm to a civilian instructor in the way they did to Ewan”
And this is from a Training delegate on last year’s NLP Trainers Training, from a guy who was already running his own training business.
“Thought I’d let you know that the trainers training has had a dramatic impact. The trainer’s state is just incredible, it enables me to focus. I have been through all my sessions and turned them into the 4Mat system. Much clearer for me to teach and much clearer for delegates. Also exposed a number of areas where my session plans were muddled or lacking important elements.”

People often ask me “Why do you do the NLP Trainers Training in Barcelona?” Well the training lasts nineteen days (including three days off). Would you like to spend nineteen days, in September 2018, in Barcelona or Manchester? Just let me take another sip of that beer…

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton

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