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I believe that people are at their happiest when they are able to follow their passion in life. If you do for your career the thing that you are most interested in, then you will not work day in your life. If you are doing this, then you do not need anyone else to tell you that you are doing a great job. You just do what you do because you enjoy doing it, not because you want any accolades. But sometimes it is informative for all us to stand back and highlight outstanding performances. This way we can learn from the experiences of others and use them as examples to motivate ourselves to take action in our own life.

With this in mind I nominated Jeff Stoker in the NLP in Healthcare category for this year’s ANLP awards. Jeff is a GP, who attended the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training with me several years ago. He is very bright and exceptionally hard working. As soon as he had completed his trainings he actively implemented what he had learned to improve the management of his GP practice and his patient outcomes. His practice has over 13,000 patients, and operates in a deprived area. When he took over this practice it was the worst performing GP practice in Hampshire, and he has since turned it into a centre for innovation and training. He runs a medical research unit from the practice and has secured innovation funding from the government to enable him to train other GPs using NLP. Part of Jeff’s philosophy is about empowering patients to help themselves, and he uses NLP to encourage patients to make the positive changes that they want to make in their lives. I was delighted to see that Jeff’s hard work was duly recognised, and he won the award in the NLP in Healthcare category.
Whilst I was at the awards event I bumped into another ex-student of mine Kim Ingleby. Kim, was an athlete before a serious illness ended her career. Since then she has overcome her illness through hard work and determination. Now she is using her skills, her journey through adversity, and NLP to help others. She works with groups of teenagers and women, running workshops to increase their body confidence and self-worth. Many of her clients are GP referrals with conditions including, chronic eating disorders, cardiac rehab, cancer rehab, post-natal depression, and anxiety. She has raised £80,000 for mental health charities, and is also the author of The Hound of Happiness – 52 Tips to Feel Good. Not surprisingly, Kim won the award in the NLP in Public Service and Community category.

I would also like to mention two other students of mine who were nominated for awards too. Phil Kelly and Phil Quirk. Again they are examples of individuals who learn NLP, incorporate it with their own skills, knowledge, and experience to then help others to lift themselves up.

Over the 12 years that I have been a trainer of NLP I have certified over 2,000 people in NLP and trained many more. But my workshops and trainings are just a step on someone’s journey. What I have found, and what countless others have too, is that if you understand how you think and produce your behaviour you can gear-up your own performance, and perhaps take yourself a little further on this journey that we call life. This is what an understanding of NLP offers you. And remember life is not a race, not everyone starts in the same place, not everyone has the same skills and abilities, and not everyone is going to the same place. What is important is that we use others as a positive example of how to be, whilst only assessing our own performance in comparison to where we were before.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

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