Introduction To NLP

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscaglia

At Inspire 360, we have been delivering NLP & Coach Certified Trainings for over 16 years. Due to popular demand, we have now refreshed and developed our popular ‘Introduction to NLP’ programme and will be zooming ‘live’ into your homes and places of work, so there is no need for travel, or additional expenses to reach us!

The webinar will be hosted by one of the UK’s best ABNLP Master Trainers, Ewan Mochrie.  Ewan will be hosting a number of live events this year so make sure you book online and learn from a true Master of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy & Coaching.

Reasons to book:

  • You want to get a basic understanding of NLP and how it could change your life
  • Maybe you’ve heard from a friend or colleague about the benefits of NLP and would like to learn more
  • You would like a few extra tools and techniques to use straight away on the day
  • Maybe you are thinking of booking a full NLP Practitioner Training and want to get a feel for the trainer and his/her experience.

NLP has a huge amount to offer.   This short programme will introduce you to the history of NLP and the key fields which have influenced its growth and practice. You will also be presented with a number of NLP tools and techniques and learn how they can be used both personally & professionally.

Towards the end of the session you will have a fantastic opportunity to ask Master Trainer Ewan Mochrie any questions relating too NLP.   You can email these before the session or ask live on the webinar.  We will do our best to get through as many questions as possible because this is always a popular section in the programme.


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