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Congratulations Ewan on receiving your NLP Master Trainer Certification

Last month I received my certificate as a Master Trainer of NLP from Drs Tad and Adriana James in Las Vegas.  This represents the achievement of a milestone in my own career and in terms of my own personal development and naturally one that I am very proud of. I do think that at times like this it is important to reflect a little on those people who have helped you along the way, nobody achieves anything in complete isolation. Tad James has been in the NLP industry for the past 30 years; he is the creator of Time Line Therapy*; he was also the creator the Fastrack approach to teaching NLP in 7 days with CD assist pre-course study; together with Wyatt Woodsmall they were the first two people to be certified as Master Trainers of NLP by Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP. Time Line Therapy* is an exceptional collection of change and personal development techniques, which help people to let go negative emotions and limiting decisions, as well as helping people to create the sort of future that they want.  I use NLP and Time Line Therapy* with all of my personal coaching clients.  Adriana James is a remarkable woman; prior to meeting Tad she was a a world renown, concert level violinist working at the Sydney Opera House, an achievement all the more remarkable given that she grew up in communist Romania; she also holds a Doctorate in Esoteric studies.  Since joining Tad over ten years ago she has worked tirelessly to hone the techniques of NLP that they teach, to develop their product range and to grow their business.  Both Tad and Adriana are exceptional trainers; highly knowledgeable and skilled not just within their own field. The work that they are doing ripples out through human consciousness in way that is helping to transform the planet.  For me it has been a privilege to assist on their trainings over the past few years, a process that has allowed me to grow as a trainer and an individual.  I look forward to continuing my relationship of learning and co-operation with them in the years ahead.

I would also like to give a very special mention to my business partner Joanne Binks.  Joanne and I worked together in a travel business for three years before we established this business in 2005. When we worked together in travel I quickly realised just how good she was at managing people, coaching and very simply “just getting the job done”. I also liked her direct style, especially when that came to making sure that I was giving her what she needed to do her job effectively. When I contemplated leaving behind my accountants pencil and becoming a trainer of NLP, working in partnership with Joanne was an incredibly easy decision to make.  Over the past eight years she has been everything and more that she was when we worked together in travel and she has done this whilst bringing up her two young daughters. In fact she even called me from the delivery room immediately after giving birth to make sure that I was on track with the to-do list she had given me before going into labour. I would not have achieved anything without her support and guidance.

A few months ago I had a chat with a coach friend of mine. She was feeling disconcerted and down because of the state of the world. I reminded her that if she wants to be a coach then she needs people who need coaching in the first place. So finally I would like to thank everyone who has attended one of our trainings over the years. Without you I would still be an accountant wondering what it might be like to be a trainer.

Thank you all.”

“To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go.” Lao Tzu

Written By Ewan Mochrie

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