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“Thoughts – Become – Things”

If that is not the most wonderful, and also terrifying thing I have ever heard! Because it could be the stuff of beautiful dreams… and also inspire many a horror movie screenplay!
I am a huge fan of The Secret, the 2006 hit documentary which presents real life stories of people who managed to achieve change in ways which at first glance appear almost ‘supernatural’. At least it did to me when I watched it, because these people were telling me it was possible to bring magic into my life… And they did not even sound crazy at all! One of my favourite moments is when Jack Canfield reels down a big long list of everything that could be wrong in someone’s life, and then looks at the camera and says, “The point is: what are you going to do about it, now?” Because you can carry on feeling sorry for yourself, or you can choose something else… It was the first time I’d ever heard I had a choice.
Of course I watched that DVD at a time when the fact that thoughts become things was really not good news in my world. I had accumulated way too much crap in my head for it to be anything other than a frightening prospect! Fortunately, I was about to begin studying NLP, and discover a whole new bunch of people who also believed that life can be pretty incredibly awesome: if you understand how your mind works, and put it to good use that is… NLP gave me solid tools to clean up my thinking; now I can really look forward to my thoughts becoming things! And when I learned about the Cause and Effect equation, I knew I had found my little spark of magic in NLP too.
The Cause and Effect equation basically says that you can live your life one of two ways: on the Effect side of things you’ll get excuses for why you’re not getting the results you want – blame it on Brexit, like! On the Cause side, you understand that you create everything in your life, through a combination of conscious and unconscious processes. This can be quite a heavy concept for some people… Someone I know recently ridiculed the idea: “What, if I get cancer tomorrow are you going to tell me that I created it?” she scoffed. “Thanks, ‘mate’!” she added ironically. The point she was missing in her argument is that being at Cause does not exclude love and compassion; it simply adds empowerment to the mix.
Anyway, these days when I watch The Secret I still feel there is a little bit of the supernatural at work in it. Only now I also understand that there is nothing unusual about that. Because that’s just how life is: magic! So don’t worry, just be happy! Let go of the need to control and micro-manage everything. Instead, open yourself up to the mystery that is all around. Stop thinking, and come to your senses! If you want to find a way, you have got to close your eyes. When you do, you might find that the magic finds its way into your world, like so many winks from the universe. For instance, last week I was having to make a big decision. I had chosen to let go of something. I was so unsure… I was wishing for some kind of sign that would confirm I was doing the right thing. When I checked my Facebook account someone had posted this quote: “Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere…” (Paulo Coelho)
I was delighted! Once upon a time I would have been gobsmacked too, but not anymore… I won’t bore you with more examples, but I’ve got loads. Coincidences? Or an indication that the world is a little bit different, and a hell of a lot more fun and exciting than we think it is?
Well, I know what I’m thinking; and I know you know what that means..!

“The truth is that the universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive the answers unless you are awake.” – Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

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