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NLP 5 StarsHave you seen any good films recently? A friend of mine was excited to go and see a much hyped film last week only to discover that it wasn’t really very good at all. Isn’t it funny the way that all new films are “The Greatest film of the year…” or “The funniest film ever” or “Simply Fantastic” and of course they are rated 5 with stars. The viewer, the consumer as we often get referred to, is left to sift through numerous reviews or to find out which actors are in them to get a sense of what to spend our time and money watching at the cinema. I supposed we shouldn’t expect the marketing of films to be any more honest than the marketing of anything else really. Remember entertainment is just a business like everything else.   I think the reason that we keep going back for more is that when you see a really good film it leaves a lasting impression on you; you replay scenes from the film in your mind and can quote lines from them; you can watch them time and time again. A good film is telling you a story, usually a story of human life; even when the setting is in the past or in the future or some fantasy reality, the stories that play out speak to us about our human condition. So much so that you can be moved to tears by them, I know I have been. Though you know that you are sitting in the cinema watching the film you can still get drawn into the story, the drama and the emotions of the characters therein. You can feel their pain and their joy. This is why we swallow the marketing and keep going back to see more films because when you see a good one it can make up for all of the duds.

For me film parallels this life experience and it works as a good metaphoric tool to understand better some of the conundrums of life. If I said to you that your life is like a film then straight away you can get a sense of that. But at the same time you know that a film plays out in a particular predetermined manner; you don’t have any control over it, you just have the experience of watching it. But in this life you know that there is free will or certainly so it seems. Well let’s just expand out the metaphor a little, think about it like this, you are the director of the film, you write the screen play and you play the leading role; and you are also the producer of the film. What I mean by that is that in my view you have responsibility for the theme of your life and how it is working out; in my opinion you have chosen to watch this film, this film of your life.

So how is your film working out? Is it a period drama, a comedy, a musical, is it science fiction, an action film or maybe a horror, I hope not. Imagine if you were watching a film at the cinema and you thought it was a bit dull or that it wasn’t working out the way that you wanted it to for the principle characters; imagine that you could change it, as you were watching it. Change really is easier than you think; I have done it, I have witnessed other people do it, I have even had the privilege through coaching and training NLP to have been the catalyst for the change that people create. SO I know that you can do it too. Again this is what your life is like and you can change it if it’s not going the way that you want it to. You can even change the genre if you wanted to, it’s your film, it’s your life, make your film something that really is worth 5 stars and maybe you could even win an Oscar for it too.


“No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight of the soul.”

Ingrid Bergman

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