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Author Jake Ducey says: Be so in process with your dreams that $20 million wouldn’t change your daily grind.” I like it, and I wondered if it was true for me. I am currently working on a new novel, and my process is simple. I start around 7:30 a.m. every day, and I don’t stop until I’ve written a minimum of 2,000 words I’m satisfied with. Although on this new story it’s flowing so well I am able to do just over double that most days. Anyway, as I switched on my laptop the other morning, I thought, “Let’s make a cup of coffee before I get into it.” The next time I looked up and thought about coffee, it was 12:30, and I’d been in the zone for 5 hours solid! I love my daily grind, and even $20 million will never change that.

Granted, not everybody can afford the luxury of doing what they love all the time, especially when it comes to jobs; although more people could do it some of the time, and most of the time even, than they think… Also, you don’t have to stay in a job you hate. We often don’t believe we have a choice there, but we do. Options and solutions abound. Your success depends on how much you are willing to involve yourself in designing your experience. Case in point: this guy came on the radio recently to explain how social media was making him sad. He said he could see all his friends getting into relationships, finding new jobs, doing fun things, but it wasn’t happening to him. And so, he wondered if there was something wrong with him.

Since I am a writer, let me use a quote from Benjamin Franklin first, who said: “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” Allow me to go a bit further, and quote Patricia Cornwell too, who remarked: “If you’re a writer, it is very important that you go out and live life so that you can tell very vivid stories about it.” Trust me when I say writing books can be a very involved and involving process – if you decide to make it so. And life, too. It’s up to you how vivid you want to make it. This reflects some of the themes we study in NLP. Like choice, and empowerment. I’ve said before I believe we live in very enabling times, and I still do. But the empowerment has to come from within. It may seem like life is happening to you, or not happening for that matter, but that’s only because you let it. NLP is a great tool to awaken your personal power.

There is this meme I like about Elon Musk that goes like this: ‘Elon wanted a new payment method, so he created PayPal; Elon wanted to drive an electric car, so he founded Tesla Motors; Elon wanted to go to Space cheaper, so he created SpaceX; Elon wanted faster transportation, so he is developing Hyperloop. Elon does not tell everyone how bad the world is: Elon is working on changing the world. BE LIKE ELON!’ And even better: be yourself, ignite your passion, and unlock your true potential. Once you learn a little NLP, you won’t spend a lot of time talking about problems. You’ll get really good at creating choice, options, and opportunities for yourself. You’ll be able to figure out and acquire the skills/knowledge/resources/beliefs and attitudes you need to make the changes you desire. You’ll also easily identify what you need to eliminate from your experience, like limiting beliefs and negative emotions that hold you back. All in all, you’ll start to think a little differently.

Here’s what I believe: the worst thing you can ever do in life is look at your present circumstances, and base your next action/goal/dream on that. That’s limiting. It doesn’t work. All it does is create more of the same stuff. For instance, if you drank too much last night, being hungover today is simply a reflection of what you chose to do before. So, choose to do right now what will create the experience you want tomorrow. People might tell you that’s irresponsible, crazy, deluded. Like investing money you don’t have yet, quitting the job you hate, or starting to write a book. Truth is, those people are deluded right now. They’ve got it all upside down. My personal goal is to live as much out of my imagination as possible, because I understand I can create my tomorrow. Sometimes, it still feels a bit like the scene in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade when he takes that huge step above the abyss, over the void… and there is nothing there! But then he lands onto a solid path. And with each leap of faith, it gets better and better. Go figure! I hope you do.

“Rise above the crowd, and dare to create the reality you desire.” – Bentinho Massaro

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